Meet UJU OBUEKWE, the brain behind the “Juks Beaute” make up.


In our dear country Nigeria, most people are guilty of venturing into a business or trade simply because it’s a trend or because everyone seem to be doing so. Because of this, you have some kind of business saturated. Businesses like blogging, bead making and makeup seem to be the most saturated. A lot of youths don’t bother about passion and talent. They just go with trend.
This has grossly affected creativity and innovation.

Uju Obuekwe
Uju Obuekwe

But in the midst of all this, is one outstanding and totally passionate young Nigerian woman who is In the business for the love and interest and not because it is the order of the day. This is seen in the creativity and professionalism she puts in to make sure that her service and delivery come out excellently.


Uju is the CEO of Juks Beaute which is a fast growing make up brand in the FCT. She offers make up for all occasions; weddings, red carpets, movies and films, concerts and lots more. She offers trainings to people who also want to learn make up and it’s art. She hopes to make this really big by producing make up products that will suit the black woman and her skin considering the weather too.

Juk beaute
Juk beaute

What is more fascinating about Uju is that she is an employee with a company in Abuja but makes out time to still pursue her personal goals and ambition.

Juk beaute
Juk beaute

Uju is one youth worthy of emulation and if you are in need of great flawless makeup, you should look out for her.

You can follow her on Instagram; @juksbeaute
Or on Facebook
Juks beaute
Jukky Bukwe

It’s her birthday and we are also using this avenue to wish her a very happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Uju and more power to your elbow.

Be Inspired!!!


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