Marilyn Oma Anona writes: I love men.

Marilyn Oma Anona
Marilyn Oma Anona

Super busy day!!!
Now i want to say about the economic burden on our men.
Most times, I feel for our men. I love men and I understand them a lot. Sometimes, some women get angry when they think I should take sides with the women but I shock them by taking sides with the men. The reason for this is not very far.

I love and feel for men, good men because I shared and still share a strong and the most loving bond with my father. It’s not easy for men especially the responsible ones. So all we need do is be reasonable and supportive. They really do carry a lot and even with the muscles and confident looks still have a lot of insecurities nagging them.
Most fear the unknown especially as it concerns meeting up with financial targets. A lot of things stare them in the face that make them feel inadequate all the time. Let’s be sensitive and helpful.

The economy is tight and most men are afraid. Yes they are afraid. They may not voice it out or confide in you but that’s because they are also very afraid lest you bruise their ego.

If you have a man and you love him, pray for him, treat him nicely, encourage him and also be realistic. Don’t ask or disturb your man for things he cannot afford.

Above all, never compare him to another man!
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  1. Thank you for such masculine categorisation and appreciation. The burden with men is the quest for appreciation; men want to be appreciated in their daily mental exercise they do which are yet to be seen in varied tangible ways and greater trouble is therein for those who have attained a certain face of achievements in life. Thank you for sharing in our unsaid pain.

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