Meet Eby Amanda, A fast Rising Fashion Designer.

Amanda Eby
Amanda Eby

Eby Amanda was recognised and nominated as a Nigerian youth who had made great impact using her facebook platform. She was one of those nominated for the “Omaliving Show” awards given to unsung heroes who deserve to be recognised for the things they have done.

She was given an “Award of Recognition” as a creative fashion designer who designs mainly African themed clothes and accessories.

We engaged Amanda in a chat to let us into her story and her journey so far, these are what she had to say;

Amanda Eby
Amanda Eby

My name is Eby Amanda. An Ebonyian. I’m from a family of 8girls. A young lady striving very hard not just to make a name in the fashion industry but to eradicate nudity at least by 50%. As a unisex designer, I actually want to tell the world that a woman can this.

Growing up, I had always wanted to stand out. Not just in my family but in the society. I’m the type that like everyday income. I don’t like working under anyone except I’m learning a skill from you. I have always wanted to become my own boss.

My major challenge is the back pain I get while working. Normally a designer is supposed have back pains from the long hours sitting. The pains is as a result of the accident I had years back. My second challenge is trying to set up something(a Fashion house) but gradually I will get there.

The people I look up to in the fashion industry are the CEO of NHN couture Nkechi Harry Ngonadi and Mrs Boglo Valerie of Valisimo Fashion school.

My advice to the youth is that they should be patient. Most Nigerian youths want money overnight. Most of them want a suit and tie job. If you aren’t employed, employ yourself. Don’t sit at home and should “a whole me?”. Most of our youths overlook some important works. If you aren’t employed, go get a skill. When I started learning how to sew from a roadside tailor, I started with 5k. I endured both the errands and work load till I went to the fashion school. Patience can go a long. Forget pride and get yourself employed with one or two skills.

No doubt Amanda Eby is an ambitious and highly enterprising Nigerian youth. She is worthy of emulation.

We say “More power to your elbow Amanda”




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