Marilyn Oma Anona writes: A Marriage of convenience never lasts.

Marilyn Oma Anona
Marilyn Oma Anona

So on the 30th of July 2016, we had a great time at the studio producing an episode of Business and Family Lifeline presented by #omalivingshow.

It’s amazing how fearful a lot of us are.
The most fearful people are the ones who appear so courageous on the surface.
Immense fear!!!
Anxiety and condemning ourselves even without knowing it.

Most of the fears that a lot of us have are basically;
1. The fear of failure and poverty… will I be able to make it financially?
2. Will I be able to settle down? I don’t want to settle with the wrong person! I don’t want to make the wrong choice!

These fears can be curbed or reduced if we can open our eyes and search ourselves.
These fears can be reduced if we can;
1. Discover ourselves.
2. Be real.
3. Place our priorities right.
4. Embrace the process.
5. Embrace our imperfection and acknowledge that imperfection is what truly makes life beautiful.

Tips for guys who are looking to settle down…
A materialistic woman is a time bomb waiting to explode. Flee!!!
Run away from a woman who only appreciates you when there is money to throw around.
Run away from anyone who doesn’t encourage you to save and invest.
Run away from any woman who doesn’t appreciate you for you but pressures you into getting things in order to measure up with other men before you can fit into her life. The truth is, if she is constant trying to pressure you to fit into something either getting a better car or getting a new house or another certificate… it will never stop because as long as you are alive, the comparison and pressure will never stop and of course frustration must set in. Be with a person who appreciates you for you and not what you have. There is a difference between encouraging a person to get better and pushing them to do something because you want them to be a model that suits you.
Be with the woman that loves you even when you have nothing,that is the woman that will stay by you no matter the storm or challenge life throws at you.
Marry a woman who is eager to learn and take corrections.
Marry a woman who is humble and naturally submissive no matter who the world thinks she is.
Guys open your eyes and go for the real things.

Stop looking for convenience.
Look beyond the garage and the present house and state of things.
Marry for love.
That man you are looking down on today may become so big tomorrow.
What did your father have when he married your mother?
Develop the mentality of growth and process and not just loving a product you can’t say how it came to be.
Start seeing yourself as someone that should complement not a liability.
Be realistic.
Be true to yourself.
Don’t marry or settle with a man you don’t love because of pressure.
Never think less of yourself.
While you wait for that man, have something going on in your life, a husband is not a career opportunity.

To all of us;
Marriage is not a business prospect.
Marriage is not career.
Marriage is not a business contract.
Marriage is not a game of convenience.
Do not choose a spouse because you feel they are connected and can help your career.
Do not choose a spouse because they are influential.
Do not choose a spouse because of degrees.
Do not choose a spouse because of a green card and plans to travel.

A marriage based on convenience will never last because as soon as the convenience is gone or not met anymore, frustration and all its associates creep in.
Let’s be more serious and real.
All our fears can be conquered if we are real and true to ourselves. – Ogo Marilyn OmaAfrica Anona


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