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Marilyn Oma Anona writes: I have dated and still in love with a married man.l

Marilyn Oma Anona

Marilyn Oma Anona


A lot of you will be disappointed but then I am sorry…. I can’t help it!

Every girl has at least dated a married man in her lifetime! Yes I say this because I know and I have fallen in love and still in love and still dating a married man.

Truth is, I can never stop loving him. I am so sorry, I can’t help myself.
It’s that strong! Yes… Judge me!

Most ladies have issues with loving the men that come into their lives because they have not experienced being in love with a married man. It’s sad!
When my mum was alive, she fell out with me on several occasions. She could not understand this love. It was glaring! Everyone knew and called me a spoilt brat!

But that relationship is the one relationship that has helped to shape me into the woman I am today. I saw this man and still see him as an epitome of perfection. I feel peace each time I talk to him.

I remember him stealing away time from the family just to give me money and be with me. He would come to the salon when I make my hair abandoning his wife and home. He would have his wife make a special food for me. He was always there.

This man is responsible for the high level of confidence I exude… He would often say to me; “Nne imaka” I have never seen a more beautiful girl. I love you Omalicha. The love was so deep that most times, I can’t eat except he is around.

I remember once mum took me for deliverance because of this bond… Saying it was extreme! But that only made the love stronger.
I am still in love with this married man even though I can’t marry him.

Yes I have dated a married man and still love him so much and will never stop loving him even in death.

I am in love with this man and I think every girl should experience it.
That man is my father!
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Marilyn Oma Anona writes: Be mindful of what you consume.

Marilyn Oma Anona

Marilyn Oma Anona

Our Host and Producer “Marilyn Oma Anona” Ogo Marilyn OmaAfrica Anona on facebook wrote;

That lady that is online bragging about how she hates men and how she doesn’t have time for them is somewhere in 3rd Avenue Gwarinpa, cooking for a man she hopes to tie down with her cooking skills and sex skills and she is here bragging. When she goes to a guy’s house to cook for him daily and wash his jeans plus sleep with him. But she comes to tell the dingy people who care to listen that she doesn’t have time for men… onye asi!

The other one that brags about being an independent woman and makes noise about how women are now in charge and she doesn’t need a man is carrying a phone bought by one of the numerous men she sleeps around with. Right now, she is begging for money to renew her rent but will come online to deceive shallow people who care to listen.

That lady that brags about not ever going to feed a man is as I write is trying to persuade her unfortunate boyfriend to come and meet her parents for introduction and willing to bring half of the money for the bride price and the entire requirement but will come here to start making a hell of noise.

The other lady whose point of duty is endless ranting about how cruel men are and how she marriage is not an achievement is just crawling out from some diabolic place with pictures of the 3 men she is desperately trying to tie down… but she comes on here to disturb us with noise about how the most honourable thing is to have a career and die a spinster.

And then there is this other divorcee who has been giving you bad advise and telling you that men are not human beings and how the worst thing that happened to her was getting married but her 2nd wedding is next week.

Keep listening and assimilating nonsense!
Keep consuming rubbish!
Keep following the crowd!

Don’t ever have a mind of your own. Most people you see on here are deceitful. They are hypocrites. They are not truthful. They think strength is all about lies and negativity.
Keep consuming trash.

Till tomorrow I still maintain that the crown of a woman is her husband and having a career can never take the space of a husband.
Stop deciding young people… if you hate men and don’t want to get married, it’s your business!
It doesn’t mean marriage is not a good thing or is for the weak.
If you don’t and can’t fall in love, it doesn’t mean you are strong and the ones who fall in love are weak.

Young people are being deceived on daily basis… they have developed the wrong mentality about marriage and relationship and the most effective tool in spreading this deceit is the social media.

We must be mindful of what we consume.
That is why #omalivingshow came up with a special programme called “BUSINESS AND FAMILY LIFELINE”
Main aim is to help young people reach their relationship and business goals.
6th Episode is on 27th of August, 2016.
It promises to be power packed.
There are also lots of give aways and a counselling session.
To get an invite to this show, send a direct message or watsapp 08038815613.

You can check out our previous posts on this page about the show.


Marilyn Oma Anona writes: Happy World’s Left Handers Day.

Marilyn Oma Anona

Marilyn Oma Anona

Today is world’s left handers day!
Already you know we are very few but have made the most impact.
It’s not a recognised day in Nigeria but in the US and other developed countries, it’s a big deal.
On behalf of Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey and other left handers in the world, I wish all left handers in Nigeria a happy day❤️

I remember in primary school when my teachers used to bully me because I use the left hand. They would come and remove my ink from my left hand and try to force me to use my right hand and I would cry bitterly. I won’t be able to write and when it’s almost the end of the class, having cried so much, I will be asked to now write and surprisingly, I will finish before those who started writing before me. They were always surprised.
One day, I went home and complained to my dad that a particular teacher aunty mbabi was always insulting me because I use the left hand and I was afraid to go to school.
Auntie Mbabi… I will never forget her. I never liked her and I still beef her till date! Although she later became a family friend.
My dad stormed the school, I was still a small child maybe 6 but I still remember dad yelling at the headmistress and the teachers in the headmistress’s office. “How dare you victimise my daughter? How dare you? I will close down this school! And the headmistress was apologetic and promised they won’t do that.

Being left handed and being very bright eventually turned me into a star in the schools I attended though. I remember when we had to change schools because of change of location… We got to a school and you know how some of these schools like to feel superior. It was two weeks to the exam and they said they would put me a class below because of some reasons and my dad refused! He said they should put me where I am supposed to be and if after the exams I don’t do well, they should demote me. They put me in the lowest class (class for the not academically bright kids) and i just came 2 weeks to exams. I had a lot of catching up to do. I was new. I am left handed. I remember the teacher saying; ” you use left hand… And your dad could not stop you, I hope you are not a spoilt child and I hope you can write fast)

And the exam came and surprisingly, my result and aggregate was the best in the whole set and they took me from primary 4 to 6. And then special attention was paid to me and my headmistress Mrs Hammond would always go on and on about how I am left handed but doing better than the right handers.

Being a left handed person, I had and still have many challenges especially with using some equipment and always thinking that my left is the real right.

Then the problem of people ignorantly criticising you.

Just in 2014 after Christmas and I was supposed to return to Abuja. I was going to come back by road and I went to tracas park in Awka. There was a little delay and I wanted to eat badly. I went and got food and came and sat quietly, started eating my food while waiting for the Toyota space bus to get full. One guy just got angry. “So as you are fine like this, you are using left hand to eat… Are you not ashamed of yourself?”
No sane man will marry a woman that uses left hand o he went on!

He was so angry and then out of fury and rage came and took my spoon from my hand and put it on my right hand”.
I was too shocked for words considering the speed with which the whole thing was happening. He was talking and fuming and scolding. But the observers particularly one man who I admired before then because he looked polished took on him and insulted the living daylight out of him. Most of the people there started fighting for me. They told him he will keep moving round motor parks with that kind of mentality.

I was happy because there were people there who fought for me and I didn’t have to say a word.

These are the things one has to go through from cave men for being left handed.

In January 2016, for the first time I met an old woman who uses left. It was a great gathering of great women and I was invited to speak to youths in attendance on a topic and I saw her writing and I waited to see her at the end and I told her I am also left handed and we got talking. She is a grandmother and she has done so well for herself in terms of career and marriage.
Then I met a friend Bob who told me his mother is also a left hander. And her name is also Marilyn.

Despite the little challenges that come with being left handed and the most frequent being handing something over to someone and they refuse to collect because it’s the left hand, I love being a left hander. It’s so unique and one of my happiest moments is being in a place filled with people and I am the only left handed person in the room!

Happy World’s Left Handers Day to me and every left hander.

Marilyn Oma Anona writes: Yes! being a wife is a worthy achievement too.

Marilyn Oma Anona

Marilyn Oma Anona

I have always believed in working, becoming a career woman and standing out. I have always believed that what a man can do, a woman can also do. I have always believed that being a woman should not make me under use my gifts and talents. I have always believed that I posses gifts that can shake the world and make strong impact in the society.
These beliefs are what fuel me into action and it has not changed or waned even as I have grown into an adult.
I know this because just the other day as I was going through old stuff, I stumbled on an old diary I used in FGGC IBUSA and I was marvelled that most of the things I planned to do with my life are the things playing out. I was only about 14 years old then. I felt goose bumps on my body. How was I able to know for sure what I wanted to do at the tender age of 14?
I saw places where I had written out different names of what I would call my establishment… lol!
I also noticed I have always been a lover of love, pink and zodiac.
Back to the topic!
I have always believed that a woman has the same capacity if not more with a man and not using your brain, gift or talent means cheating the universe.
I have also always believed that no matter how powerful in terms of achievement a woman is, she still has her natural duties to perform and same goes for a man. Being a career woman should not erase the roles or duties a woman should perform.
I have also always believed that no matter how powerful a woman is, she should be respectful to her man and be submissive.
I have also always believed that no matter how powerful a woman is, she should still be known for nurturing. She should still be a mother whether she has her own biological kids or not.

But I know one thing…
I believe that a woman has great ability and can be anything she wants to be but I know that not all women fall into this category.
Some women whether I like it or not are very fine with the idea of not working.
Some women whether I like it or not are very okay with the idea of being a full time housewife and taking care of the home and nothing more.
It doesn’t also make them less because we all can’t be the same.
The world is like a stage remember?
Yes! Some are players and some are spectators. If there are players without spectators, playing has no value. And the spectators will not exist if there are no players.
So you see, we both need each other.

So if you know any woman who sees being a “mrs”, “wife”, “madam” as the only achievement, leave them alone. It’s their world and we all can’t be the same.
Most importantly, you need them to thrive in what you are doing because they are your spectators.
Yes they occupy a very vital position. It is an achievement too.
I invite you to the 5th Episode of Business and Family Lifeline presented by “Omaliving Show” which holds on the 13th of August here in Abuja.
Watsapp 08038815613 to get an invite as there are limited spaces available.

My name is Marilyn Oma Anona for those who don’t know me, you can check Wikipedia.
Talk show host and producer of Omaliving Show.
You can follow me on instagram ; @omalivingshow

Marilyn Oma Anona writes: We should start thinking of earning instead of getting paid.

Marilyn Oma Anona

Marilyn Oma Anona

Sasha Obama can work in a restaurant to earn an income at such a tender age even when her father is the most influential man in earth at the moment.

She doesn’t lack nothing. She has everything. She is very beautiful. Yet she can bend down to work (even in a restaurant) to earn.

But in Nigeria, we have lots and lots of non entities with no name, class or anything who feel on top of the world for absolutely nothing. People who hate the idea of earning, they want to be dashed money or paid for doing nothing. People who hate labour and don’t believe there is dignity in labour. People who love already made and can’t be part of a process to make something big. People who have a degree or two and suddenly start thinking they deserve the world. People who brag and boast about nothing. Lame ducks everywhere.

We really have to change our thinking and mentality. In my thinking, poor and hungry people should have the most passion and zeal… but in Nigeria, the reverse is the case! except we young people change our thinking, this nation and generation is doomed. Let’s all be real. Have a good night.

Stay inspired.

Meet UJU OBUEKWE, the brain behind the “Juks Beaute” make up.


In our dear country Nigeria, most people are guilty of venturing into a business or trade simply because it’s a trend or because everyone seem to be doing so. Because of this, you have some kind of business saturated. Businesses like blogging, bead making and makeup seem to be the most saturated. A lot of youths don’t bother about passion and talent. They just go with trend.
This has grossly affected creativity and innovation.

Uju Obuekwe

Uju Obuekwe

But in the midst of all this, is one outstanding and totally passionate young Nigerian woman who is In the business for the love and interest and not because it is the order of the day. This is seen in the creativity and professionalism she puts in to make sure that her service and delivery come out excellently.



Uju is the CEO of Juks Beaute which is a fast growing make up brand in the FCT. She offers make up for all occasions; weddings, red carpets, movies and films, concerts and lots more. She offers trainings to people who also want to learn make up and it’s art. She hopes to make this really big by producing make up products that will suit the black woman and her skin considering the weather too.

Juk beaute

Juk beaute

What is more fascinating about Uju is that she is an employee with a company in Abuja but makes out time to still pursue her personal goals and ambition.

Juk beaute

Juk beaute

Uju is one youth worthy of emulation and if you are in need of great flawless makeup, you should look out for her.

You can follow her on Instagram; @juksbeaute
Or on Facebook
Juks beaute
Jukky Bukwe

It’s her birthday and we are also using this avenue to wish her a very happy birthday.

Happy Birthday Uju and more power to your elbow.

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Marilyn Oma Anona writes: I love men.

Marilyn Oma Anona

Marilyn Oma Anona

Super busy day!!!
Now i want to say about the economic burden on our men.
Most times, I feel for our men. I love men and I understand them a lot. Sometimes, some women get angry when they think I should take sides with the women but I shock them by taking sides with the men. The reason for this is not very far.

I love and feel for men, good men because I shared and still share a strong and the most loving bond with my father. It’s not easy for men especially the responsible ones. So all we need do is be reasonable and supportive. They really do carry a lot and even with the muscles and confident looks still have a lot of insecurities nagging them.
Most fear the unknown especially as it concerns meeting up with financial targets. A lot of things stare them in the face that make them feel inadequate all the time. Let’s be sensitive and helpful.

The economy is tight and most men are afraid. Yes they are afraid. They may not voice it out or confide in you but that’s because they are also very afraid lest you bruise their ego.

If you have a man and you love him, pray for him, treat him nicely, encourage him and also be realistic. Don’t ask or disturb your man for things he cannot afford.

Above all, never compare him to another man!
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