Meet AMAKA ASOH, the most charitable beauty queen in the FCT.

Yesterday 16th of July 2016 at the 3rd Episode of Business and Family Lifeline presented by “Omaliving Show” and produced by “Alpha Gamma Multimedia Limited “… Amaka Asoh, an ex beauty queen was given an award of recognition as THE MOST CHARITABLE BEAUTY QUEEN In FCT.
This award was well deserved because we have followed her closely for more than a year and observed her passion and actions towards helping the needy, the sick and the vulnerable.

#omalivingshow is all about celebrating positivity, creativity and every worthy impact. We celebrate unsung heroes and icons who should be celebrated.


Queen Amaka Asoh was among the winners in The Ultimate Nigeria Model Search (TUNM) that took place in August of 2014 in Lagos. The chocolate- skinned pretty damsel is of Anamabra State origin and will, in the later part of the year, represent Nigeria at the world stage for the big prize.


How did you get to this stage of representing Nigeria at the world stage of the TUNM?

It has been a mixture of both smooth and rough journey so far. For a person to get to a desired height in life, such person must put in his or her best to achieve such. Nobody that wants to be country’s president will wake up one morning to assume the position. For such to happen, that person must surely work hard to attain the office. In my own case, it was a herculean task. I kept hope alive and I thank God almighty for the height I have achieved today as a model. My passion to be a model started while I was still in school, and I have an international Model that I always look up to, Tyra Banks. I admire her looks, motives, her energy and just everything about her. With her motivation, I always practice being a Model. I did not enter into modelling because of my figure but because I am passionate about it. While in secondary school, I participated in a beauty contest as a member of the Interact Club but did not win. When I went to the university, I also contested and again, I did not win but my friend did. I kept pushing it, I participate in different pageantry shows as well as runways, my target was not just to do the runway thing for doing sake but I wanted to achieve something big. I wanted to be a celebrity, I could also recall that I participated also in the second edition of the TUNM in Owerri, South East Nigeria. Yet, I did not win but all that did not discourage me. I prayed to God to help me. At a point, I felt discouraged as a human but that again did not last. I was encouraged to enter for the fourth edition of the contest, which I did and luckily for me, this is where I am today.

Could you shed more light on your participation at the last edition of TUNM?

We were about 30 contestants at the last edition of the TUNM and some won prizes in different categories. The categories in the event won by contestants include Miss TUNM (Universe), TUNM (World) and TUNM (Nigeria). The TUNM (Universe) is the overall branded face and the winner will represent Nigeria at the Universe level of the show outside the shores of Nigeria, while the TUNM (World), which I clinched, will represent Nigeria at the Miss World segment of the show and the TUNM (Nigeria) is the national brand for the country. I am the TUNM (World) and an international face to the glory of God.

When is the contest coming up, where you will have the opportunity of meeting other beauty models from other parts of the world?

The big competition will be coming up in the later part of the year, may be by August or early September of 2015.

What is your target as you are preparing to represent the country and do you have the qualities to represent over 170 million Nigerians at world stage?

I so much believe in myself, if I can win at this critical level, then it has boosted my confidence to go for the bigger prize. We will all be in one camp and I will participate in all the camping activities that others are also set to participate, I can do it.

If you can recall, since you started this pageantry business, have you experienced any form of sexual harassment from men, since it is a common phenomenon in the entertainment industry in Nigeria?

I have never been sexually harassed. Never!

What is your take on pageantry in Nigeria?

Pageantry is the fastest growing entertainment business in Nigeria. It awakens the consciousness of ladies that rather than going into prostitution, they can use their beauty to earn legitimate money for themselves. Modelling is another good opportunity for the youth, particularly young ladies to harness, in order to help themselves. People should ignore the idea that they may be sexually harassed by men but far from it, when you know your target, no man can disrespect or take you for granted. In this business, you cannot rule out heavy criticism from members of the public. Unfortunately in this part of the world, our mentality on issues of pageantry is so low that when they see you progressing along what you believe in, they will, on their own, create a scandal with the intention to bring their target down. In Nollywood today, people say a lot of nasty things about them even while they have not been there to find out if what they say about a particular actor is true or false. People should desist from castigating our talents in the entertainment world. Rather, they need our encouragement to grow and measure up with their counterpart in the globe. I will suggest that any negative matter about a particular subject should be subjected to thorough investigation before coming out to say it, though I have not experienced anything of such.

Every beauty queen winner usually come out with beautiful pet projects with the aim to add value to society, do you have plans for any?

Of course, I have decided to carry out my pet project on cancer, though the plan to start creating awareness on the dangers and preventive measures against cancer is in the offing, I witnessed a little setback due to the elections that just ended but now that the Presidential election is over, I need to get back on track. Again, if you observe what is happening around the world, you will discover that when it comes to cancer, women are the most affected and unfortunately, a lot of young ladies are just there walking about aimlessly without having any knowledge about the deadly disease. As an individual, particularly as a woman, it is important to know what cancer is all about, the cause and remedies. You will also agree with me that most ladies channel most of their attention on fashion, they concentrate more on how to be more beautiful and attractive, and they hardly go for medical checks. These days, people are more scared of HIV, Ebola and other popular disease but forgot that cancer is much more dangerous than others. Again, I was inspired to go for cancer because a friend to my elder sister died four years ago over cancer related disease. Doctors said it’s cancer of the breast, even while her breast was cut off, she still could not make it. That experience made me feel bad, and I became worried. The beginning of the fight against cancer is early detection.

Are you married?


What is the exact definition of your kind of man?

Wao! (Laughs) oh my God, em, first of all, I so much believe in God, he keeps me going every day of my life. I came from a Christian family background and to maintain that relationship with God, I don’t love a man because of his physical build up or physique. The physical looks might be there but if the character is not there, it turns me off. My man must be God fearing and nothing less.

Who do you look up to as a role model?

Though, this question is difficult to tackle because I look up to many people as role models, on a lighter note, I love Yvonne Nelson of Ghollywood. This is because she was once Ghana’s most beautiful girl and from there, she proceeded into acting and today, she is doing extremely well.

What advice do you have for ladies who want to venture into modelling?

I think we are living in a free world, they should follow their passion with every sense of the word. If they listen to what people say, it will contribute in killing their dream and aspiration, peradventure they venture into it and they see what would not help their career, they should withdraw if they cannot handle it.

Amaka Asog
Amaka Asog



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