Marilyn Oma Anona writes: Nobody is a victim except they want to be a victim.

And most times why men disrespect women and think they can land anyone once they have money is because there are many women who disgrace us.

I was working with a media company in 2012 and I was being harassed by my boss… Surprisingly it was women who were fighting me and making comments like; “what is this girl even feeling like?”, she should be happy the boss is chasing her” etc

I took the issue up and none of them stood by me. I fought alone. It meant nothing to them. But there is something confusing about my personality… I am so soft and emotional and can cry easily because I easily get hurt!

But I am very strong willed and stubborn. I fought this man and I was very young then. I went to his church reported him and got a lawyer. All the ladies in the office as I later learnt had slept with him.

Sleep with me for what?
I was writing, had a column in his magazine.
I handled interviews and transcribe.
I do vox pop.
I hosted his show.
I market.
And you want to sleep with me??? Heavens forbid!

I have not slept with my boyfriend, it’s you!

Bottom line is, nobody becomes a victim except they want to.

And some will say it’s because they want to meet target… It’s still not true!
Most times, it’s not even the company’s target they are sleeping around to meet. They are doing so for their personal purse!

Some of these ladies use the jobs as cover up.
If I tell you what I have seen in Abuja… But I stand bold to say that I have never and will never sleep with any man for a job or business.
Let it go!
I can’t deal!
How many will I have to sleep with?

It’s heartbreaking losing out but then I hold my dignity intact.

Let my pace be slow like a snail’s it’s better.

I keep moving on remaining consistent in my pursuit and all I do. It’s not easy in Nigeria but one day, efforts will pay.

And let me even ask… How many of the men you slept with for business sake eventually did that business?posh%20everythingb


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