Business and Family Lifeline… Episode 3!



Our youths and everyone need to be empowered all round for better goals; career and relationship wise.
We have issues bothering us as a people and most times, the platform to tackle these issues are lacking.

That was what brought about BUSINESS AND FAMILY LIFELINE presented by #omalivingshow and produced by “Alpha Gamma Multimedia Limited” all in Abuja to tackle nagging issues and proffer solutions to them.

When a person’s relationship is not balanced and healthy. It affects their career.
And when a person’s career is also not balanced and lucrative, it affects the relationship.

So how do we reach our set goals as far as BUSINESS AND FAMILY is concerned?
That is why you need to be part of the next episode which is on the 16th of July 2016.

It’s a very educating , empowering , inspiring and entertaining gathering of great souls eager for success in life.

It’s a great place to meet;
1. More clients and customers for your business.
2. Advertise your business.
3. Meet a prospective employer/employee.
4. Meet a date.
5. Socialise.
And lots more.

This Episode is with special focus on unemployment and the fastest way out of the status of “unemployment “.

People will get employed on the spot.
If you want to be given a slot for business presentation or to advertise what you do, this is for you.

This event is strictly by invitation because of limited spaces available.
So if you are in the city of Abuja contact us by sending us a message to get your invitation.

Business and Family Lifeline… let’s come together and start living!


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