Marilyn Oma Anona writes: Allow mothers in-law to enjoy their gratuity.

While you are praying for your prospective mother in-law to die before you come in, you have failed to realise that you will be a mother tomorrow and a prospective mother in-law and by karma… Someone will be praying for you to die untimely too!

While you are praying to God to make your husband abandon his mother simply because he is now married to you, don’t start crying when it’s your turn!

The phobia for mothers in-law particularly the ones you have not even met for me is a very unhealthy one.

For those who wish their mother in-law dies before they come in, let us pray…
May you never live to see your child’s marriage and your grandchildren in Jesus name!

How many can say AMEN to this wonderful prayer?
If you can’t, why?

You see the irony of life and reality?

Mothers in-law are not terrible people. It’s wrong to think that way. Just like you have bad mothers, bad fathers, bad bosses, bad tenants, bad employees, bad teachers, and also have the good ones, that is how it is with mothers in-law too.

We have great mothers in-law that are so loving and supportive and transfer the love they have for their children to their children’s spouse. There are many of them out there.

I personally think that the phobia for mothers in-law brings a strain and a certain mindset even before the marriage starts thereby affecting the relationship.

We must have an open heart and not have this feeling that mothers in-law are terrible people and be on our toes before we even meet them.

Don’t go about with the ugly mentality that mothers in-law are wicked and terrible… It’s unhealthy!

These women were once young women and one of their life dreams is to see their grandchildren, so let them be.

If you are truly dealing with a difficult mother in-law, work out ways to make it work and remember that you also have a mother who may also be difficult.

Learn to understand your mother in-law because without her, your husband would not be in the first place.
Remember also that men have this special tie and bond with their mothers and a loving mother is most times over protective… Put your self in their shoes!

I do not have a child yet but I know I am going to be a very over protective mother and would love to play very vital roles in the life of my kids even to the adult stage.

That’s not to say they won’t have their life but come on, I can stay in their houses if I want for months and often come around and I won’t be happy if my daughter in-law has a problem with that.

Mothers in-law are not devils, allow them enjoy the kids they suffered to nurture and train!
It’s part of their gratuity!



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