Marilyn OMA Anona writes: You have never thought of doing anything on your own.

Marilyn Oma Anona
Marilyn Oma Anona

You want to eat something… instead of going out to buy it, you bring out your phone to start dialling the numbers of different men so that they can take you out and buy you something as cheap as a shawarma…
You have been doing this from your school days!

You have graduated and even served, yet you will be pestering guys for every need or want.

You have never thought of doing anything on your own.

Hair on your head, sponsored by Obinna.
The foundation, mascara, lipstick and every form of make up on your face, sponsored by Ademola.
The shoe you are wearing, bought by Adamu.

Now you are awake and your plan for the day is 3 square meals from different guys.
You are already contacting them!

Kai what a life!!!
And you are the one that will come on the social media and cry the most about how men abuse women.
You are the one who will always boast about being independent.
You are also the typical Nigerian feminist who hates men and see them as enemies.

Yet you can’t eat a plate of rice in a good restaurant except one of your men buys it.

Today, I pray for you.
May God set you free and give you wisdom to reason properly and the ability to act and live like a normal human being instead of a pest.

It’s natural to be broke or in need once in a while but when this is your lifestyle, you just have a big problem.

Marilyn OMA Anona is the talk show host and producer of “Omaliving show”. A show that is concerned about the youths, our value system, empowerment, the society, nagging issues and lots more. She is a writer and a public speaker. To contact her, follow on Facebook , IG or call 08038815613.


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