Business and Family Lifeline… 2nd Episode!


Business and Family Lifeline is a gathering of young and very ambitious minds who have the zeal and hunger to succeed in their various fields if endeavour. It’s about bringing people together to talk about things that bug us and also proffer feasible solutions to them. It’s about devising means to reach our business and relationship goals. It’s about mental and economic empowerment.

In Business and Family Lifeline, you meet prospective clients or customers, prospective employers or employees, a date, friends and lots more.

Unsung heroes are celebrated and awarded based on recognition or our online contest, this is all in a bid to instill confidence in them and make them take their skills or talents seriously.

Icons and notable personalities are also celebrated.

The 2nd episode of “Business and Family Lifeline took place today at the Alpha Gamma Multimedia Studio located at 7 Pietersburg Street off Parakou street, Wuse 2, Abuja.

It was a very great one. And I am proud to say we all learnt a lot !

Special thanks to all who made it despite right schedules… Let’s do it again and again!we are getting stronger and stronger and stronger and serious impact must be made.

Congratulations to Niqui Anekwe the award winner and latest #omalivingshow ambassador.

Special thanks to all who played an active role in this 2nd episode.

Thanks to you all for your immense support. Who am I that I call and you answer?

Some came all the way from Kaduna and Nasarawa!

Next episode is on 16th of July 2016.

For registration on Business presentation, call 08038815613.

Business and Family Lifeline… Let’s come together and start living!


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