Business and Family Lifeline
Business and Family Lifeline

On the 18th of June 2016, the Abuja based TV talk show host and multimedia personality “Marilyn Oma Anona” unveiled a show called “Business and Family Lifeline “.

This show is a life show which will also be on you tube. The aim of this show is to bring young people together for better business prospects and better relationship goals.

This show is for young entrepreneurs, self employed, jobless and unemployed, married and singles, employed, mentors, role models, employers etc. The show also honours and celebrates young people who are talented and have also made impact in the society. This show also awards icons and role models in the society.

Business and Family Lifeline is biweekly and happens at the Alpha Gamma Multimedia Studio located at 7 Pietersburg street off Nairobi Street off Parakou street, Wuse 2, Abuja.

In Business and Family Lifeline, practical ways to solve nagging issues are discussed. This show is produced by Alpha Gamma Multimedia Limited. Marilyn Oma Anona is the host of Omaliving Show and the founder of the Right Stage project which is a charity/empowernent project.

Business and Family Lifeline… let’s come together and start living!




  1. Hmmmmm ! We have been desirous of such a show or programme that involves the youths ( young ) . Most times when we talk about businesses we think only about ADULTS but thank God we have someone that thinks about catching them young . Keep it up Oma .

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