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Marilyn Oma Anona writes: No body is self made.

Describing your self as “Self Made” is not only an annoying and arrogant thing but it also shows how myopic and ignorant you are.

Self made! Really?
Who is self made?
Please explain to me.

Personally, I have never seen any self made person. No matter how independent, intelligent, enterprising and ambitious you are, you can never do all by yourself.

Coming from no where and eventually becoming so big against all odds doesn’t make you self made.

There are many factors that influence success and you are not an island no matter how good you are.

I am yet to see a person who became outstanding without depending on people.
If you are a manufacturer, who are you manufacturing for?
Do you manufacture and consume?
If you are a writer or talk show host, who do you write or produce your shows for? Your self?

How then do you arrogantly call your self self made when without others you couldn’t have climbed so high?
Why do you call your self “self made” when you were able to get up the ladder because of a good team!
You didn’t do it all by yourself even though you are the head… so?
Yes you are known to be extremely hardworking and persevered even when you should have given up but that should not make us blind to other factors that actually made us who we are.
Hardwork and perseverance alone can never get anyone up there. There are several other major factors.

Nobody is self made!!!
The self pride thing is simply one if arrogance, ignorance, insecurity and greed.

I don’t know about you, but for me… there is nothing like self made and the personal gratification by some business CEOs and propaganda everywhere about people being SELF MADE is so annoying.

Everyone no matter how big they have grown to become needed help and still need help because success is not a destination.
So if you have needed help at some point and still do. Why call your self “SELF MADE?”
Help must not be financial… it could be that shoulder you cried on in times of despair. it could be that motivational speaker who motivated you. It could be all the employers you passed through to get to where you now celebrate and tag yourself “Self Made”.
You are not Self made… no body is!

During the course of your business, you do occasional partnership with people… you are not self made!

I wrote an article about the concept of “Self Made” in 2014 and I will visualise it and put it up on my vlog.
Fify Osung just reminded me of it again through her photo caption and I decided to write again.

Nobody is self made!
Ogo Marilyn OmaAfrica Anona is yet to see a self made person… if you know one SELF MADE person, I will like to meet or know them!

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Business and Family Lifeline

Business and Family Lifeline

On the 18th of June 2016, the Abuja based TV talk show host and multimedia personality “Marilyn Oma Anona” unveiled a show called “Business and Family Lifeline “.

This show is a life show which will also be on you tube. The aim of this show is to bring young people together for better business prospects and better relationship goals.

This show is for young entrepreneurs, self employed, jobless and unemployed, married and singles, employed, mentors, role models, employers etc. The show also honours and celebrates young people who are talented and have also made impact in the society. This show also awards icons and role models in the society.

Business and Family Lifeline is biweekly and happens at the Alpha Gamma Multimedia Studio located at 7 Pietersburg street off Nairobi Street off Parakou street, Wuse 2, Abuja.

In Business and Family Lifeline, practical ways to solve nagging issues are discussed. This show is produced by Alpha Gamma Multimedia Limited. Marilyn Oma Anona is the host of Omaliving Show and the founder of the Right Stage project which is a charity/empowernent project.

Business and Family Lifeline… let’s come together and start living!