Marilyn Oma Anona writes: Screen your consumption.

The social media is a very powerful means of invading people minds.
I should have used minds and thought but let me avoid thoughts because I just remembered that most of us are lazy and hardly think.

A lot of people have come to develop a certain attitude to life just because of what they consume on here.
Unfortunately, this is a platform that makes everyone appear like a lord.

There is no regulation!
Every junk is allowed and most times, the junks lords attract the most followers.

Most people in life are so drawn to the negative and it’s very glaring on the social media.
They neglect the beautiful sides to everything and exaggerate the negative side.

They see news worth spreading but ignore it to start spreading news of woes and little or no relevance.

Junk over substance!
Negative over positive!
Why though?

For example, I know thousands of very beautiful couples with beautiful relationships and homes, people who should be talked about and celebrated in a bid to inspire and encourage young people like us.
But social media users ignore such and prefer to concentrate on the few who have failed.

You turn on your device and all you read are things and stories that will depress you.
Most people on here are all about the negative.
Why though?

I love positivity but I know about balance and that is what I love to do. I love to balance things.
I know that a coin must have 2 sides.
I know that if there is negative, there must be positive.
I know about the cathode and the anode.

Why then do most people prefer to talk about the negative, concentrating on them and messing minds up.

A young woman thinks of marriage and all she imagines is her future husband strangling her to death.
A young man thinks of marriage and all he imagines is his future wife overly promiscuous or disrespectful.

A lot of minds are messed up and as such conditioned. People make plans (bad plans) even when there is no problem, they anticipate problems and start reading unnecessary meanings to every move.
Does this not compound problems?

We have been listening to negative people for so long, That’s why we live in fear (because you have been made to believe that all men are wife beaters).
That’s why we can’t love whole heartedly (because negative folks have told you live doesn’t exist).
That’s why we are not loyal (because we have been told loyalty is not appreciated).
That’s why we have no respect for one another (because you have been told that you will be taken for granted).

I know we have to talk about bad things, sad ordeals and unfavourable things people have passed through in order to learn and prevent future occurrence. But we should not make it all and all.

We must balance things and infact concentrate on and celebrate the positive more as a means of preferring solution to those ills.

As a result of too much negativity, a lot of people have grown immune to love, loyalty, respect and understanding. They don’t even recognise these things anymore.

The social media is so powerful. We should realise this and learn to use it well.

Dear social media user, please mind what content you unleash.
Use your wall to touch lives.
Use your post to change the world.

Don’t make it seem like you are a sucker for bad and sad news.
Don’t make it seem like you love negativity.

Dear consumer, please be mindful of what you consume.
Know what you stand for.
Know your values.
Not everything is meant for you.


One comment

  1. Oma, you are a prolific and informed writer. Sometimes, let wonder why you are not in the classrom, but then let remember you are a cat with nine lives. This is a good read. Well done. I’m inspired.

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