Marilyn Oma Anona writes: A father is just as important as a mother.


We all have our duties spelt out.
Nature made it so!

A woman has her duties so does a man.
Problems begin to arise when we don’t embrace our duties and do it well.

I am a woman and I often hear a lot of things from other women about how it is so much of a big task to carry a child for 9 months while the man does absolutely nothing but walk about freely.
It’s our divine role to carry pregnancy for 9months and it’s a thing of Joy for a woman to be fruitful and be able to carry a baby especially in this time and age when fertility issues seem to be on the increase.

But if you think it’s such a burden and because you are pregnant the man should not go about his normal daily activities. I think what you should do is SUE GOD!
Yes sue him for making you a woman.

I appreciate good mothers and good fathers and I am not one of those that share the sentiments about a mother being more important than a father except of course the man is not a good man.

Both mothers and fathers are important and have distinct roles.
A woman cannot be pregnant in the first place without a man and even if you are quick to remind me about artificial insemination, please tell me where the sperm comes from.

From the minute a woman becomes pregnant even though she is the one carrying the baby, the man doesn’t rest.
He cares for her every need till she puts to bed and then while the woman breast feeds and nurtures, the man foots all the bills.
That is how it is and should be!

Problems arise when the man fails in his duties ;
Not caring for his woman especially at this time.
And not footing the bills.

But under normal situations, your mother is not more important than your father!

They are both very important.


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