Marilyn Oma Anona writes: Imitation is harmful.

It’s 2016, Let’s make every single day count!

Have you ever been with a person who
Wants and tries every means possible to be like you? This person copies every single thing you do. From your hair style to your clothes and even lifts your writings or copies the exact way you write or your hash tags etc.
Has a TV presenter appeared on your scream and you see them striving to sound exactly like another?
This is imitation in it’s worst form.

There is a difference between having a role model and outrightly imitating someone.
Having a role model means you have someone you admire, and this person or people have inspired or inspire you to become what you want to be.
But in imitation, there is hardly inspiration. The person who is imitating doesn’t even think. They just want to be a replica of that person in that aspect. They foolishly think that by copying in such a shameless manner, they would be as relevant or sought after like the person they copy.

Just take a moment to reflect.
Do you think you imitate people all the time?
If you do, it’s very dangerous!
You are unconsciously killing and subduing the gifts you possess. Your ability to create and think and invent something is going into extinction. You are getting lazier by the day.

I can hear someone say; “hian this Oma self,is imitation always bad? Can’t one even copy at all?” And some are thinking same.
Well dear, imitating someone who is better than you once in a while is not bad but you know what? Once in a while can become addictive and then you discover it’s a habit and seriously it’s bad.

I have written down some disadvantages of imitation like making you less innovative or completely unable to innovate, making you less creative and incapable of thinking.

Now let’s go deeper!
I made a post on my Facebook page last week where I said we should be mindful of anyone who is always imitating us that such people are always envious at the end of the day.

Yes, it could start with a harmless; “ah Oma is such a great writer, let me copy her style and all”, “oh Kufre is such a fashionista, let me copy his dressing”etc gradually that harmless feeling turns to envy. You know why? It may not fetch the “imitation prophet” the desired attention like it does to the originator and the person starts to wonder; ” what is it about this Oma” or ” this nonsense Kufre, how come he gets more likes on his photo when I am wearing same thing with him”.
You have imitated, lost your personality…yet you are not satisfied!
You feel so hollow.

Why do people imitate?
1. Lack of confidence.
2. Mental laziness.
3. Low self esteem.
4. Lack of courage.

It’s a lot more tasking to invent, create and innovate and that’s why most people resort to imitation.

But imitation limits you and kills your gifts and talents and the potentials that should have taken you to greatness.
It murders your uniqueness.

The reason you are on this earth is to contribute your own quota to the growth and development of the universe. Constantly imitating and copying someone is pure cheating to yourself and the world.

To live well and succeed, stop imitation and learn to create. That’s the only way to make it work.
I will suggest you learn rather than imitate.

I hope I have succeeded in inspiring someone today.


Originally written by Marilyn Oma Anona.



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  1. Marilyn,

    Happy new year to u and good write ups.

    Uche Anaba
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