Marilyn Oma Anona writes: A tree cannot make a forest.A single tree, no matter how big beautiful and strong does not and can not make a forest. It implies that a single man can not make an impact that is so visible to a lot of people. Even heroes needs companions or a great team in order to make impact or function well. Talking about trees and forests, a tree surrounded by weeds and small grasses isn’t a proper forest too. What am I trying to say, no man is an island. Team work takes us to greater heights. And in building a team, it must be the right people or persons otherwise it is total waste of time, energy, space and resources. You can’t and shouldn’t place an iroko tree together with a tomato plant… It can never work! A tree can not make a forest but we need the right trees to make a forest… We don’t need plants, we are not talking about farms or gardens, we are talking of FORESTS. A TREE CAN NOT MAKE A FOREST… A tree can only start a forest! #omalivingshow Inspire the uninspired


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