Marilyn Oma Anona writes: Oma’s Journal (life and circles).

Omaliving Show
Omaliving Show

It was in Nov 2013…
I had left the financial institution I was working for and was looking to find another job especially in the sector of my interest or go stronger on my brand.
It was tough, very tough!
I had to do a lot of freelancing and volunteer jobs in order not to stay idle. I would ask older friends who I admire to come help around their office with say letters and minutes.
Accompany them to meetings. Go everyday to work for them even when there was no pay attached. Sometimes, I got rewarded and at other times it was just a thank you.
I always tell myself something, “staying at home and idling away can’t and won’t solve any problem, go out and show the world what you can do, that is the only way people get to know you are capable and not by saying it”…
It continued for a while, I was applying for jobs but not just any job.
I don’t see a vacancy and just apply because it’s a vacancy and I need a job, nope!

I made sure it was something that I wanted to do…
So I was. Selective in applying for a job.

Oma is a love and passion driven person. These values are what make me be at my best. Dabbling into something I don’t love is like punishment to me. Even if I do it, put in all my best and excel, I will be seen constantly complaining because it’s not my thing.

Let me go back to the main story,
One day I was on Facebook and had lots of inbox messages as always. I went through them most being the usual “xup babe”, “u r sexy babe”, “can I ve ur num” etc which I never reply.
One of the emails caught my attention that day. It was from a man who I later learnt is so much respected on the social media. An Igbo activist and a media person.

He complimented my writing skills and said I would go far. I replied and a conversation started. I later called him on the phone and he was thrilled at my eloquence.
I made him understand what I wanted to do and how tough it has been trying to do so.
He tried to talk me into paper journalism or print media but I told him I didn’t like journalism especially in Nigeria.

He asked what I had done at the time, I told him about a program I had anchored in the past on NTA International and most of the public speaking I have done and people I had interviewed at the time.

He spoke about a TV show or station that would soon commence and I was so thrilled. Why won’t I be? I didn’t have any reason to doubt a middle aged man who wears a red cap that is supposed to be the symbol of dignity in IGBOLAND.

I thought to myself, “Oma you have found a worthy mentor”

He was always in and out of Abuja but we scheduled to meet on a particular day which was a Saturday.

I prayed for a great and favourable meeting (laughs out loud)
When he called, I explained to him that I didn’t have enough money to pay for my fare to and fro.
I was broke and he promised to pay my transportation cost back.

I dressed up and took a cab from Gwarinpa to the said address.

I remember vividly what I was wearing that day. It was a carton colour and black bold stripped maxi dress with long sleeve.

On getting there, it was a hotel and I had never been there. It was in Garki.

As soon as I got there, I called him and informed him I was at the reception.

Soon he came down and he was looking very responsible.
He came down with a young lady about my age, saw her off and came to where I was and said
“Marilyn right?”
I replied “yes sir”! (With a smile)
He went on; “you look better in real life”
I replied ; “thanks sir, I hear that often”.

He came and sat down, he started talking, talked about how talented and serious minded I am on Facebook. Etc.

Along the line, he said we should go up to his room to which I refused calmly but vehemently.

“Sir, all we want to discuss can be done here , I don’t think we should take pains going up to your room” I said!

“Oh ok dear, I mean no harm just wanted you to be more comfortable” he said!

We talked on and this man started deviating o. Marilyn you are a fine girl, you know? You look sexy, you know? You are tempting, you know?😠😠😠😠

In my mind I knew there was trouble already. Worst part is no transport fare😒😒😒😒

He started persuading me the more to come upstairs.
I refused and was eager to go.

I said sir, I don’t want to go upstairs. We don’t have any reason to go upstairs together.
About the job sir, when will it start?

He became angry, “what job?”
Listen, I cannot work with someone I don’t know… I need to know you to work with you!

“Sir, but I just told you where I am from, You can call my dad”. I replied now sobbing

He went on; ” I need to know you not your dad” when you are ready to work let me know!

I decided to be brave and I stopped sobbing
Then I said; “ok sir, I want to leave now, you promised to give me transport fare”

He looked at me angrily! Do I look like a money making machine?

I was startled though I expected it, ” can anyone be this low and mean?”

Wow! Sir you made me come out of my house. I told you…
He intruded and cut me half way… “Young lady, I am going up to rest, I don’t like wasting my time” and he left.

I didn’t have more than 150naira in my purse. Didn’t know what to do but I was not afraid.

I stopped the first taxi, he was so impatient I let him go. I walked down a bit. Saw another taxi, stopped it, the driver was an elderly man. I explained everything to him and begged him to take me home that I had just 150naira. He accepted and all through the drive he kept talking to me like a daughter. You see, you are a good child and you will not regret it in life.

I was even very hungry too!

This same man is a man who does a post and gets over 200 likes.
He is a big time propagandist.
He brags about supporting people and when ever I see pictures of girls and ladies he puts on here with complimenting captions, I just know he has taken them up to his hotel room and taken time to know them!

I got home safe and sound and the taxi man gave me 1000naira to feed.



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