Marilyn Oma Anona writes: The signs are always there! (Oma’s Journal)

Omaliving Show
Omaliving Show

It was on the 30th of April.
I had returned from Lagos with one of my staff and I told her to take a day off to rest because we had spent 7 hectic days in Lagos.
I decided to go to the office early that same day because I needed to pick something.
Along the line, a thought came to me…
“Oma, just sit a while and meditate… It’s quiet here”
I sat down in the studio and prayed and started going through the main thing that brought me to the office that early especially after a tiring trip.

When I entered the office, I locked it up again such that anyone who comes after me will not know someone had come or is already in the office.

At almost 8:30am, the 1st person came and I was alarmed at the lateness.
Others came at 9am or so.

(Note: the office opens at 8am)

I was sobbing in the studio.
So this is the actual time the office opens I thought to myself.

I waited a while to see if work would start going on. But sadly, they had gathered in the in room gisting while some were playing “candy crush”.
We had a project which was supposed to be in a week, so wiling time away was my least expectation from any member of my team at that time.

They didn’t know I was in the office.
I put my phones on silence, thought of what to do then I decided to send a text.

“HELLO, good morning, why are you all seated in the office chatting away dear when you should be working or out on follow up for the project at hand.”

I heard her phone beep, meaning she just received the message.

And then her voice “imagine this Oma o, that why are we chatting away, do I even blame her ? Nonsense!! Mtschew.

One of them asked, but wait o, how did she know we are chatting away?

Another said, but we should be out working though.

I wrote another text “so this is what I am getting in my absence? Was that really you?

Confused, I could hear her footsteps, she ran outside to check the office premises. She was sure that a spy was around.
She was confused.

She has sent another one, who is the informant?
They all became quiet and in like 10 minutes, they left the office for the day’s business.

After they had gone, I walked out in pains. I cried.

This happened in April and I overlooked it…
Went on as if nothing happened!
Because of my large heart!

Folks, the signs are always there.
You may see them or just feel them and just ignore!

Most times, we are carried away by emotions.
People will speak to you because they see what you don’t see and you quarrel with them instead of listening.

Who and who are in your boat?
Who is that person who sings your praise in your presence, do they do same in your absence?




  1. Dear Oma. Weldone on your large heart. I must agree with you that they are every where. On my post on linkedin today, I emphasised on the need for employees to always align their objectives with company’s. In the absence of these, your kind of experience will recur. Just remain steadfast. Weldone.

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