NCEE writes: An Exciting Evening Of Great Entertainment.


An exciting evening of great entertainment

This is a monthly event presented by Alpha Gamma Multimedia Studios.

This is aimed at encouraging local talents in the areas of;
And lots more.

At the end of the event…
Winners emerge and are given awards and cash prizes to show that they are good.

Who are the judges?
We want to try our possible best to ensure that unlike most talent hunt and pageants in Nigeria, this is free and fair and everything done on Merit Basis…
The Judges are the audience!
They will be able to tell us who appeals more to them!

What next?
After the 1st three editions, the winners of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd editions in each category all come back to re contest after which the winners get

For Music:
A recording deal
A music video produced at a much discounted rate and lots more.

For Drama:
Become part of the Alpha Gamma Hall Of Art.
A role in a film and lots more.

This is a way to motivate and inspire the youths and everyone out there to put to good use their God Given talent and make something out of it.

You should be part of this!
The 1st Edition is on 14th of November, 2015

To be part as a performer, you must register with just 2000 Naira.

To be part of this show as an audience, ticket is 2000 for regular and 5000 for VIP

Join this innovation to make our society a better place by touching the lives of our youths.


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