Marilyn Oma Anona writes: we see witches daily but may not recognise them!

Yes we think we know witches…
We often expect them to be old and have lots of wrinkles!
We may expect them to be ugly!
We may expect them to be poor and resident in villages!
We think that they are all uneducated!
We look out for their horrible dentition and their very long nails and a face that is always screwed up!

But that’s very wrong and that explains why most are very vulnerable and fall victims to their manipulations and destruction.


This is the problem with mankind…
This is the major reason for wickedness…
This is why there is so much hatred, envy, unnecessary rivalry and competition…

The world is filled with lots of WITCHES and WIZARDS all putting up faces of Grace, class, calmness, gentility and love ( one that is not heartfelt )!

I often say one thing… ” I prefer a person who says to me, Marilyn Oma Anona I do not like you… To a person who pretends to love me but hates me”

If we know these WITCHES and WIZARDS… It will be very good as we will stay away from them but most times, they appear to be the ones that love us and are so good in acting.
And we hate the people who actually love us.

Even with the traits and signs I want to list… It could still be very hard to make out these people because like I earlier said, they are good at ACTING (although a time comes when they can no longer hide their hatred and contempt).


1. They want to be the only ones on top and don’t encourage or support others to grow. Once these set of people suspect or feel that you are progressing or getting better, they get so bitter and find ways to pull you down. They may resort to scandalising your name, blackmailing you, making attempts to spoil your business, resort to diabolic means to see this happen or even assassinate you or kill you.
This person may not have long nails or laugh sarcastically while in the bush etc but he or she is a major witch or wizard.
Therefore, if you have that friend, or acquaintance who doesn’t like progress from others and often castigate or run down someone who is successful, DISSOCIATE FOR YOUR OWN GOOD except of course you guys are birds of a feather!
If you are, then no problem… You can plumage together.

2. Ever heard someone almost PUKING THEIR GUTS out because they are expressing how they hate someone they have never met? Now, there is something about life, there are some people you see and naturally don’t warm up to.
There are other people you see and just love immediately. Along the line you may start to love that one you were initially cold about and you may also find out that the one you loved instantly is a huge disappointment.
This is not the situation I am talking about..
Let’s take for instance, when I met Kufre Afangideh I didn’t even know but my mind was always telling me he doesn’t like me, like I felt it but didn’t bother much because I have lots of things I do and don’t allow every tiny detail to bother me. Later as fate would have it we became so close and so close that it’s even funny I know personal details of him. One day, he said to me… I didn’t like you before and I said I know but I just know he loves me but didn’t know what it was!
Now this is normal and not what I am talking about.
What I am talking about is a group of people ( most times never do wells ) gathering and saying how much they hate a person they don’t know and how they don’t want that person to succeed!
This is witchcraft of the highest degree!
You may not know these people but when you have a GOD that watches your back, people will go out of their way to guard your interest even when they have nothing to gain.
And in this case, I pray to GOD to send people who will watch your back.

3. This is another dangerous one…
Witches never do POSITIVE! Negativity rules their world… You know this set of people that will never say any good thing about you and can’t bear it when someone says these good things.
Like awwww, that girl Grace Dinma Chibueze is such an industrious girl. They can’t bear it and as such retort with, oh really, I don’t know that much but I know she is a very dirty girl… Have you been to her house? Well let me not talk plenty.
These set of people are so damn evil.
When you enter where they are they will be the 1st to greet you hey grace darling πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸ˜‘
May GOD help us all!

4. The next set are those who will see your things being destroyed and fold their arms and watch it being destroyed. They are happy that you will be sad and they console the most.

5. The next set are those who feel that because a disaster or something sad has happened to them therefore everyone should experience such. That’s witchcraft.

The list goes on and on!

These people are everywhere are us, they call us all sorts of pet names and profess LOVE that doesn’t go beyond their lips.
We must try our best to protect ourselves.

If you must eat with the DEVIL… Use a very long spoon!

The way out is to be very sensitive and don’t ever be carried away.

May GOD save us all and keep bad folks away from us.


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