MARILYN OMA ANONA writes: A great voice boosts your personality.

Omaliving Show
Omaliving Show

And I often tell my assistant Tina, that her voice is not firm… You need to undergo some training!
The voice, your voice is a very important aspect of you. It is one part of you that makes you more or less attractive. It’s that thing that makes one orator better than the other irrespective of the content of their speech. It’s that element that makes you listen and listen even when you are tired.
Ever heard a voice without seeing the speaker and you become so eager to see the speaker? It could be on the phone or maybe in the office. For example, you are in your office and you over hear your receptionist telling a certain person “yes, my boss is around but do you have any appointment?”
On hearing the voice of the supposed visitor, you just call your receptionist in to ask her to let him or her in. The power of a great voice. It takes you places. It makes the world listen to you.

In my last article, I wrote about how important your dressing is when it comes to becoming successful. Today it’s about your voice.

You may have all the knowledge and be so confident about what ever it is but you need a great voice to prove to your audience that you actually do through the tone and energy of your voice. This tone and energy not only establishes how confident and knowledgable you are, it’s interesting, shows passion and a great amount of zeal. It captivates the person who you are speaking to and sometimes it feels like you are wooing them.

On the other hand, an un interesting voice sounds so flat and boring. It makes a good news seem like it is not so good because it lacks that energy and proper graduation in tone.

Therefore our voice is very essential and a major determinant factor in our quest for success. It could be the only reason why one is yet to seal a deal when it comes to business.

The prospective client may be quick to judge you (Maybe in his mind)… If this one can’t even talk with lots of energy, how can he carry out the task of say covering my event.
These things happen and you may not know that this is the reason why you have not been receiving calls from your prospective (so you think) who promised to call you back after you spoke to them. That is probably why they refused to drop their business card after you spent time talking to them.

Energy, passion, zeal can be made out through your voice. You can capture people’s interest through your voice.

I once went for an audition for a job but didn’t make it because they needed an older person for that very job. But a day after, I got another call from another firm asking me to come over to the office for a briefing. They had seen the clip from my audition and called me back. The man in question Mr Ibrahim said him and his team members were swept off their feet at my delivery. That it was awesome and they have need for me. He told me that apart from having the look, I have the voice that would make anyone turn around once I am speaking. I have been hearing that a lot and I was just nodding. Unfortunately what his company does is radio and I told him vehemently that I don’t want to do radio.

This is further illustrating the importance and power of a great voice. It brings influence. People listen transfixed to a spot when you speak or talk. It is very important.

And I have also come to realise that before someone can be called eloquent, it comes with having a great voice too.

Most are naturally blessed with it and don’t even know it’s a gift that can take them places and as such under use it. Most are also not blessed and need to undergo serious training especially if they have been put in the fore front in their work place.

How do you make your voice better? There are various ways to have a voice better than your present voice which sounds like a hungry bird is chirping or a hungry child is whimpering when ever you talk.

To train or develop your voice,

*** You must first of all acknowledge and accept that you do need proper voice training.
*** You must become conscious of it.
*** You should have a list of people with good voices and listen to them talk often.
*** You should learn to read out and aloud.
*** It’s the jet age and smart phone era. Use your phone, do a voice note and listen to your self.
*** Have a tutor.
*** Learn about speed while making a presentation, talking to a client and also know the different energy level required at every point in time while talking.
*** Keep on practicing. You may even be practicing with your siblings at home without them knowing.

These are some of the simple ways you can improve your voice and the good thing is, it’s not an expensive thing to do and you must not necessarily go to a school for that.

During a telephone conversation, a listener on the other end of the phone may quickly jump to conclusions about our intelligence, education, expertise, credibility, like-ability, and even what we look like, based on little more than the sound of our voices.

These are the little things that matter a lot that we often neglect. A great voice boosts your personality and makes you appear bigger than you really are.

We must sound like success itself. We must sound like we are so sure and in absolute control of the entire environment.

And one key point lest I forget, please avoid clearing your throat when you are talking to someone. Do that long before you start.

A great voice can go a long way to yield you great businesses and make you very successful in life.

Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!

Oma says, live well and succeed… Make it work!


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