MARILYN OMA ANONA writes: Your appearance is as important.

In our daily quest for success and fulfilment in life, we must know that the factors that work together to bring us success and fulfilment are all important.

None is more important than the other. Everyone of them work together for a common goal so no part should be left to suffer.

I have written and talked about a lot of ways to attain success. I have talked of attitude, the sort of people to mingle with, the steps and all of that. I have not for one day written or talked about FASHION and the role it plays as regards achieving success.

The way we appear to others, the physical attraction, the beauty we exude play an enormous role towards our achieving success and fulfilment. Our appearance and apparel are very important.

Most people who come across this article may not take it seriously as we often see FASHION as a dingy or shallow thing to discuss but I tell you, your appearance is one of the most important thing about you. No one can make out an intelligent person by just looking at them. And due to a very bad appearance, you may not be given the chance to even speak to let the world know your capabilities. Looks are very important.

I have even come to realise that most companies hire 70% based on looks. They would always say, the prospective employees must all look sharp.

Therefore, no matter how smart or intelligent we feel we are, we must never neglect our looks. A really intelligent person should be an all rounder.

This week, I want us all to put extra effort in the way we dress to go out for business bearing in mind that there are different dress codes for different occasions.

Dressing real good boosts your confidence and makes the atmosphere warm. You are already accepted before you even open up your mouth to speak.

Dress well this week. Be classy. It comes naturally to some people but if it doesn’t to you, please put in some effort.

What is on the outside is as important as what is on the inside.
Dressing well increases your self respect, confidence and composure.

There should be no excuse, at least we have the okririka ( 2nd hand clothes ) and the made in China. Wash them well, use your iron and get a good perfume.

Nobody is left out. Don’t say because I am a hairdresser this doesn’t concern me. You can attract bigger and classier customers by dressing the part. We are all professionals in our various fields so it concerns all of us.

Learn to dress well to represent yourself, your colleagues and your company well.

Confidence and respect can come by virtue of how you dress to work. Look your best daily as though you are going to seal a deal with ALAKIJA or DANGOTE. Dress as if you are going to make a first impression on someone bearing in mind that you never get the chance to make a second first impression.

Never neglect your looks. Most business have failed because of NEGLECTED LOOKS.

The way you dress is linked to how successful you are or will be in your business.

Attached are photos of MELSTOUCH a young woman who believes that appearance is everything.

Be enlightened! Be inspired!! Be Motivated!!!

OMA is saying ” Live well and succeed… Make it work!”


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