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MARILYN OMA ANONA writes: A great voice boosts your personality.

Omaliving Show

Omaliving Show

And I often tell my assistant Tina, that her voice is not firm… You need to undergo some training!
The voice, your voice is a very important aspect of you. It is one part of you that makes you more or less attractive. It’s that thing that makes one orator better than the other irrespective of the content of their speech. It’s that element that makes you listen and listen even when you are tired.
Ever heard a voice without seeing the speaker and you become so eager to see the speaker? It could be on the phone or maybe in the office. For example, you are in your office and you over hear your receptionist telling a certain person “yes, my boss is around but do you have any appointment?”
On hearing the voice of the supposed visitor, you just call your receptionist in to ask her to let him or her in. The power of a great voice. It takes you places. It makes the world listen to you.

In my last article, I wrote about how important your dressing is when it comes to becoming successful. Today it’s about your voice.

You may have all the knowledge and be so confident about what ever it is but you need a great voice to prove to your audience that you actually do through the tone and energy of your voice. This tone and energy not only establishes how confident and knowledgable you are, it’s interesting, shows passion and a great amount of zeal. It captivates the person who you are speaking to and sometimes it feels like you are wooing them.

On the other hand, an un interesting voice sounds so flat and boring. It makes a good news seem like it is not so good because it lacks that energy and proper graduation in tone.

Therefore our voice is very essential and a major determinant factor in our quest for success. It could be the only reason why one is yet to seal a deal when it comes to business.

The prospective client may be quick to judge you (Maybe in his mind)… If this one can’t even talk with lots of energy, how can he carry out the task of say covering my event.
These things happen and you may not know that this is the reason why you have not been receiving calls from your prospective (so you think) who promised to call you back after you spoke to them. That is probably why they refused to drop their business card after you spent time talking to them.

Energy, passion, zeal can be made out through your voice. You can capture people’s interest through your voice.

I once went for an audition for a job but didn’t make it because they needed an older person for that very job. But a day after, I got another call from another firm asking me to come over to the office for a briefing. They had seen the clip from my audition and called me back. The man in question Mr Ibrahim said him and his team members were swept off their feet at my delivery. That it was awesome and they have need for me. He told me that apart from having the look, I have the voice that would make anyone turn around once I am speaking. I have been hearing that a lot and I was just nodding. Unfortunately what his company does is radio and I told him vehemently that I don’t want to do radio.

This is further illustrating the importance and power of a great voice. It brings influence. People listen transfixed to a spot when you speak or talk. It is very important.

And I have also come to realise that before someone can be called eloquent, it comes with having a great voice too.

Most are naturally blessed with it and don’t even know it’s a gift that can take them places and as such under use it. Most are also not blessed and need to undergo serious training especially if they have been put in the fore front in their work place.

How do you make your voice better? There are various ways to have a voice better than your present voice which sounds like a hungry bird is chirping or a hungry child is whimpering when ever you talk.

To train or develop your voice,

*** You must first of all acknowledge and accept that you do need proper voice training.
*** You must become conscious of it.
*** You should have a list of people with good voices and listen to them talk often.
*** You should learn to read out and aloud.
*** It’s the jet age and smart phone era. Use your phone, do a voice note and listen to your self.
*** Have a tutor.
*** Learn about speed while making a presentation, talking to a client and also know the different energy level required at every point in time while talking.
*** Keep on practicing. You may even be practicing with your siblings at home without them knowing.

These are some of the simple ways you can improve your voice and the good thing is, it’s not an expensive thing to do and you must not necessarily go to a school for that.

During a telephone conversation, a listener on the other end of the phone may quickly jump to conclusions about our intelligence, education, expertise, credibility, like-ability, and even what we look like, based on little more than the sound of our voices.

These are the little things that matter a lot that we often neglect. A great voice boosts your personality and makes you appear bigger than you really are.

We must sound like success itself. We must sound like we are so sure and in absolute control of the entire environment.

And one key point lest I forget, please avoid clearing your throat when you are talking to someone. Do that long before you start.

A great voice can go a long way to yield you great businesses and make you very successful in life.

Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!

Oma says, live well and succeed… Make it work!

MARILYN OMA ANONA writes: Be an outstanding employee.



Hello everyone, I just want to believe we all had a great day as an optimistic person I am. Well, no matter how today turned out, do not allow your zeal, passion and energy to depreciate.

You know I have always told you one thing. I did so even this morning. Life will never be easy the moment you choose to live instead of just existing. There will be hurdles on the way but at the end of the day, the result will be so juicy that you do not even recall all the stress and even when you do, you will be glad because they sharpened you into the fine person you are today.

This article is targetted on the employees, these are persons who work for other people for a pay. In a typical company or organisation, we often have a workforce that make up a team. These people are called the employees.

This article is about how to make your self an outstanding employee in what ever organisation you find yourself. This article will interest those who have a knack for success, excellence and recognition. It will interest those who know their strengths and believe that it will take them to the greatest height. It will interest the independent people.

Tonight, I am talking about how to be an OUTSTANDING employee.

Before I proceed, there is something I always do especially when I am involved in public speaking. I use real life instances to give my illustrations. This will enable you understand clearly and not see the topic being discussed as abstract.

Let’s go! First, I would like you to visualise yourself being the boss or employer… Okay now that you have done so, as an employer, what are the traits and things you look out for in an employee?
Who are the employees you can’t afford to lose?
Who are the employees you are dying to relieve of their duties?

Now put your self in the shoes of the employee again….
How much have you done?
How relevant are you?
Have you done enough to earn at least a good reference ?

I see we are getting somewhere…

Having occupied the positions of employee and employer and viewed things from both angles, these are some of the things that make you an outstanding employee….

1. You are so proactive
An outstanding employee is one whose brain is constantly working and trying to devise ways to see that the system which they are part of is working. They initiate and bring up ideas that work. They are very quick to make do with what ever limited resources available for maximum result to be achieved. A person like this stands out because while their colleagues are busy waiting on the employer or necessary authority to always tell them what to do, they are making things happen and always bringing positive surprises to the table.

You are innovative and full of ideas

An employee who is always bringing up ideas is one for keeps because great things start from ideas. The employer brings up ideas or projects to embark on to build up the company’s reference and brand. The employee who has the interest if their company pr organisation at heart will never run out of ideas to support the parent idea. This is because ideas springing out of us makes us fully involved in what ever venture we are part of. We don’t feel like a 3rd party. An employee with lots of ideas is usually outstanding.

You promote the company or organisation on the social media even at spare times.

Look at for that employee who despite having closed officially from work or is enjoying a nice weekend with their spouse makes out time to promote and advertise her organisation on the social media like FB, instagram, Twitter etc. That is an employee for keeps. It means she is proud of the company she belongs to and so keen to see it grow and become well known. Only outstanding employees act this way.

You stay composed even in the midst of intense pressure.

There are times when the pressure on the company or organisation is so much. It could be that they are not performing up to expectation probably because they are still new, or a new government policy is affecting them etc. At such times, the pressure on the company or organisation is clearly going to be on the employees. How composed and how solution focused the employee is at this time shows whether they are for keeps. The outstanding employee handles pressure perfectly.

You are always on the alert, quick response is your thing.

Have you ever worked with an employee or a colleague who would never reply official mails? Have you worked with one who doesn’t fail to reply even in the middle of the night. These points are sort of linked to one another. Now because of work pressure , employee A may deliberately refuse to reply because they don’t want to be pressured. But because the outstanding employee is solution focused, they would reply all mails and texts because they are eager to prove that they can’t belong to a system and it doesn’t work. They answer mails at all times because they know the importance.

You have a strong knack for excellence.

Excellence is the trademark of an outstanding employee. It of course reflects through what is achieved at the end of the day. It’s so glaring when some one is excellent in performance.

You care about and you know how financially well the company is doing.

You take your dressing seriously, you are always punctual and you observe work ethics.

Let me just round up, all these points and more make you an outstanding emoloyee. A company that is blessed with at least 50% of this type of employees will and must succeed.
What type of employee are you? The outstanding one? The one so relevant or the one who just occupies space?

I hope that you are outstanding, you can work towards it if you are not.

Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!

Oma is saying, LIVE WELL AND SUCCEED… Make it work !

MARILYN OMA ANONA writes: Your appearance is as important.

In our daily quest for success and fulfilment in life, we must know that the factors that work together to bring us success and fulfilment are all important.

None is more important than the other. Everyone of them work together for a common goal so no part should be left to suffer.

I have written and talked about a lot of ways to attain success. I have talked of attitude, the sort of people to mingle with, the steps and all of that. I have not for one day written or talked about FASHION and the role it plays as regards achieving success.

The way we appear to others, the physical attraction, the beauty we exude play an enormous role towards our achieving success and fulfilment. Our appearance and apparel are very important.

Most people who come across this article may not take it seriously as we often see FASHION as a dingy or shallow thing to discuss but I tell you, your appearance is one of the most important thing about you. No one can make out an intelligent person by just looking at them. And due to a very bad appearance, you may not be given the chance to even speak to let the world know your capabilities. Looks are very important.

I have even come to realise that most companies hire 70% based on looks. They would always say, the prospective employees must all look sharp.

Therefore, no matter how smart or intelligent we feel we are, we must never neglect our looks. A really intelligent person should be an all rounder.

This week, I want us all to put extra effort in the way we dress to go out for business bearing in mind that there are different dress codes for different occasions.

Dressing real good boosts your confidence and makes the atmosphere warm. You are already accepted before you even open up your mouth to speak.

Dress well this week. Be classy. It comes naturally to some people but if it doesn’t to you, please put in some effort.

What is on the outside is as important as what is on the inside.
Dressing well increases your self respect, confidence and composure.

There should be no excuse, at least we have the okririka ( 2nd hand clothes ) and the made in China. Wash them well, use your iron and get a good perfume.

Nobody is left out. Don’t say because I am a hairdresser this doesn’t concern me. You can attract bigger and classier customers by dressing the part. We are all professionals in our various fields so it concerns all of us.

Learn to dress well to represent yourself, your colleagues and your company well.

Confidence and respect can come by virtue of how you dress to work. Look your best daily as though you are going to seal a deal with ALAKIJA or DANGOTE. Dress as if you are going to make a first impression on someone bearing in mind that you never get the chance to make a second first impression.

Never neglect your looks. Most business have failed because of NEGLECTED LOOKS.

The way you dress is linked to how successful you are or will be in your business.

Attached are photos of MELSTOUCH a young woman who believes that appearance is everything.

Be enlightened! Be inspired!! Be Motivated!!!

OMA is saying ” Live well and succeed… Make it work!”

MARILYN OMA ANONA of the Omaliving Show presents the right stage.


On 5th of May 2015, Omaliving Show had the maiden edition of her national project tagged the RIGHT STAGE.

The host and producer of Omaliving Show produced by Alpha Gamma Multimedia Limited Abuja, Marilyn Oma Anona who has always been known for her uniqueness , creativity and the zeal to inspire people came up with this idea having observed that most of the problems in our society is basically because individuals were not properly brought up, nurtured and trained. The RIGHT STAGE is purely all about inspiration, orientation and self discovery for young children and adults aged between 6 to 20.
This project will go round the 36 states of Nigeria.

Public primary schools were selected from 5 districts in Abuja. They were put through tests like public presentation, quiz competition etc in a bid to discover their strength and interest.

Some facilitators like Linc Edochie of Nollywood and Ben Nwabuzor a renowned motivational speaker were there to speak to the children.

The event was covered by AIT and AGTV.

The venue of the event was Barcelona hotels, Wuse 2 and they proved to that indeed hospitality is their trademark.

Marilyn Oma Anona has been touching the lives of people in the society out of nothing.

Her TV talk show ” THE OMALIVING SHOW” is a very phenomenal talk show and the First of it’s kind in Nigeria.

In the month of March, she conducted the MARCH AGAINST SOCIETAL VICES which she used as a means to sensitise the youths and the general public against vices that make the society an I conducive place for us.

She is specially grateful to her chairman and mentor, Augustina Abraham her special assistant and all the team of ALPHA GAMMA MULTIMEDIA LIMITED ABUJA. She is also grateful to her family, friends and fans.

At the end of the LAST STAGE, 3 pupils went home with scholarships covering a session each. All the pupils went home with gift items.

Which state is next?

Omaliving Show
Inspire the uninspired.

To reach Marilyn Oma Anona
Follow her on
IG @omalivingshow
Send mails to for booking and enquiries.

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