Marilyn Oma Anona writes: why are you still jobless after such a long time?

Omaliving Show
Omaliving Show


Over time I have come to realise that most people are just not serious with life and have simply failed to realise that what ever step we take today determines how our life will be in 10 years from now. It also determines how how lives will end.

Because they do not have this at the back of their minds, they play with their future which means playing with their lives.

Why are some people unemployed and jobless for a long time?

And why are some people on the other hand so busy and engaged and have never been idle at any point in time?

Some people ( the shallow and the overly sentimental ) would quickly want to blame the Goverment and the society!

But the 2 groups of people I mentioned above both make up the society so it means something is wrong with the individual who has been jobless and unemployed for so long.

The big questions you have to ask yourself are:
*** What are my actually living for?
*** What are my contributing to the society?
*** What are my doing wrong?
Since after graduation, what have I done to put the knowledge gained at school to use?
*** What can I do other than what I studied in school?
*** what are my goals in life?
*** what are my doing to achieve these goals?
*** who am I?

Before I go on, let me point out that the major reason why most people are unemployed/ jobless for so long is LAZINESS.

A person who is not lazy will never feel comfortable lying down year in , year out and begging for money for the smallest things like sanitary pad and body cream.

Laziness, then greed (because most lazy people are greedy) and also self deceit (people not facing the reality on ground).

Most of us know UNOKA. Unoka was known to be very greedy. He would take his yam seedlings and just place them on top of the soil. Unoka will not till the soil, he won’t weed, he won’t make a mound or ridge, of course he won’t water!
Unoka would leave the yam seedlings on top of the soil while his mates are busy sweating and undergoing the right processes.
Unoka prefers instead to go to the gods with sacrifices asking them for a great harvest…

When the rains come, the yam seedlings dropped on top of the soil by unoka will be washed away while those planted by his mates will be growing and flourishing.

Time for harvest!

While others who invested their time, energy and resources are reaping the fruits of their labour…

Unoka as expected will have nothing to reap!

You know what Unoka would do?

He will feel so cheated and hated and instantly start to blame his chi.

He will start recounting the numerous sacrifices he made to his chi and how he planted and was not favoured.

How many of us are getting the points I am trying to make?

Now Unoka was not just lazy, he was also greedy and so shameless.
He owed everyone in his clan and beyond and loved to drink to a fault.

Unoka is a character in “THINGS FALL APART” a Chinua Achebe story I read as a kid.
Unoka was okonkwo’s father and his poor character was what motivated Okonkwo and he resolved to be the opposite of his father Unoka.

Let me give you a clear picture of the modern day Unoka…
I can’t exhaust all but the key ones will be given.

1. They are the class of people who claim to be working but are clearly not. They lie on their beds or sofas and send out unedited CVS to many companies. Most times they just click forward because they are annoyingly lazy to even edit and compose a fresh email. And when they send the CV to unilever for example, you can see the entire thread of similar CV sent to UBA, mtn, glo, Cadbury etc.
These set of people will always say, I have been sending in applications and I am never called.

2. They are the class of people who will do no job, who will not play their part but will devote all their time moving from one church to the other and disturbing their pastors to lay hands on them for a miracle job. They will borrow money or beg for money to sow seed with. They will join the choir in their church ( they are singing in church / serving GOD ) so that a miracle job will come.

3. They are the class of people you often hear saying
*** upon all my faithfulness in serving GOD still no job.
*** I have been sowing seed and yet no job
*** GOD does not answer my prayers.

4. They are the class of people that would blame the society, government and their rich uncles or relatives endlessly. Unoka was always saying the rain was too much that is why he was not harvesting even 1 tuber of yam.
The rains then can be likened to the harsh economy now.
Unoka syndrome all the way.

4. These class of people are so lazy but love the good things of life and would go on borrowing or even stealing to get them.

5. Sometimes, when you even give them a solution, they will hate you for trying to stress them exactly what Unoka did when Agbala ( the female messenger ) of his chi ( god ) was sent to warn Unoka and also to give him directions on what to do.

Unemployed/jobless for so long? There is something you are doing wrong.
It’s not the society… Many are making it in the same society!

It’s not your rich uncles because they have refused to help you… Are you their responsibility? Why should they help you?

It’s not that GOD hates you!

It’s about you!

You have not discovered who you are and the reason why you are on earth.

If you have, you won’t be jobless for a week!

Stop lying down!
Stand up!

Some people even while in school or still not in school because of finances made a resolution that: NO MATTER WHAT, A DAY WILL NOT PASS ME BY WITHOUT ME ACHIEVING SOMETHING!

What did they do, they started searching for who they are and what they can do for themselves.
They embarked on the journey of self discovery and that was what made the difference.
With that they became multifunctional and as a result are relevant in so many places.

Most who are in this situation do not know themselves and because of that, they do not know their capabilities. They are therefore limited.

Most of us are grossly under utilising our brain capacity that is why this joblessness and unemployment issues are still on the increase.
Most have also refused to face reality.

The solution to this problem
1. Self discovery.
2. Have a set goal for your life , that way, you will be able to assess yourself.
3. Be ready to stress yourself, stretch yourself.
4. Face reality. Some of us have worked for 20,000 Naira per month. Some of us have worked without pay. Start doing something.
5. Stop thinking that the only people who succeed are the ones who know some highly placed people. It’s not true. Yes NEPOTISM does exist in our society but a higher percentage of the people who made it in history knew no one and came from backgrounds worse than ours.
6. Learn and accept the concept of process. You must pass through fire to be refined. Stop looking for easy. Stop looking for a big place to hide. You are a nation, start the process to be able to end up a product.

It’s in your hand! It depends in you!

The greatest people in this world were not made by government!

Those people do not have double heads or brains…

If they could do it, you and I can and a million times over because we have things they lacked!

LIVE WELL AND SUCCEED, make it work!

Marilyn Oma Anona
TV talk show host, public speaker, writer, counsellor




  1. OMA, your so right. Sitting at home and waiting for miracle jobs will never help. Get up and go out there, look for something to do no matter how little. Thanks dear for this wonderful advice. God bless OMA

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