MARILYN OMA ANONA writes: Selective Tribalism.

A group of people who claim to be TRIBALIST but are so very confused !

You are very TRIBALISTIC yet you can’t stay permanently in your hometown…
You are from say Anambra state yet you live in ABUJA, Kano, Kaduna, Ibadan, Lagos with the same people who hate you so much ( according to you )!

Your landlord, employer and or employees, your hairs dresser, your dress maker, your cobbler etc are not from your tribe yet you do businesses with them!

How about that contract you did the last time and the ones you have been doing since , were they given to you by your village people?

The last trip you made from LAGOS to Abuja. I expected you to walk up to the Customer Care Desk and ask if the pilot, the hosts and the other passengers are all from ABAGANA. You didn’t do that and I thought you are so tribalistic darling!

Why do you go to ABA to buy Materials if you think the IGBOS are so greedy and love money a lot? You should have not gone close to that place.

Tufia, Yoruba people eh, Igbo people eh yet we enter the same church together on Sunday. There should have been a separate church for you and your village people alone!

SOUNDCITY for example is owned by a Yoruba man, yet you stay glued to it!

Dangote is Hausa , but you eat his noodles and use his cement!

Fidelity is an Igbo bank yet accommodates other tribes!

Did I hear you say ” oh it’s just business?”

Sweetheart, if you can do business with people from other tribes, you can just do anything with them and you should live in peace and see yourselves as one.

The truth is, people are just SELECTIVELY TRIBALISTIC…
They practice TRIBALISM when it is convenient for them.

Anyone who wants to be truly TRIBALIST will never be successful in life and will die a sad person!

Every sect, group, nation etc have history!

It should not destroy us but make us better!

Ada, Bola, Amina, come together we are one!

Funsho, Yusuf, Obinna stop swearing and cursing, we are one!

Let’s enjoy our beauty as a Multi ethnic nation!

We all have our strength and weaknesses!

One love!!!


Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



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