Marilyn Oma Anona writes: Why the fake foreign accent?


So many ways to pick out low self esteem issues and inferiority complex…

I still wonder why some folks strive so hard to have a foreign accent…

They muddle the whole thing up in such a way they not only sound confused and funny but also look so pathetic making me embarrassed as a result!

It comes to a stage where it becomes out rightly ridiculous. The foreign accents are not defined as you have English, American, Jamaican and even Indian in one sentence!

It’s gets terrible when you can no longer understand what they are saying and they are also lost as well and they often decide to cover up with this totally embarrassing off point laughter!

If someone was actually born and raised in England or America or has spent a good number of their formative years there , very good. This time the accent is genuine .

The people I am talking about are those who travelled to England for just 6 to 12 months and come back with the accent thing and then this category that have never been close to a local airport but always crawl to their neighbours to watch e! And then start to worry us with pathetic accents!

I am writing about this because it’s getting worse…
I have been encountering this a lot recently but I don’t want to localise it to the events.

But the people who are most guilty of this nonsense are the people we call OAPs and some presenters…

This is so funny! I hear them chirping like birds on the radio more reason I loathe listening to our radio stations…

In a situation where there are 2 or more persons presenting, you can feel what seems like a competition of wanting to overdo the other person in the fake accent thing, Kai!

All you hear is chirping and unnecessarily laughter because forming accents makes you at a lose on what to say then they go seriously? Wow ( so many times ), etc…

My questions are:

1. Why is it too difficult to be original?
2. Why do we lose our entire identity in a bid to copy?

In as much as there are too many fakes around, there are still some naturals!

Eloquence doesn’t mean you have to form a foreign accent or come down here to be speaking England’s pidgin English for us…

Yes some of us know the difference!

Every country have their peculiar accent!

If you are not English, you can never be English!

Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



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