Marilyn Oma Anona Writes: Feminism is positive!

But I will keep correcting women who feel or think they have to act like “wild animals” and still justify it with “I AM A FEMINIST”

No darling! You are a not a feminist…
You are a wild animal!

Feminism isn’t equivalent to be uneccessarily too loud and in the most disgusting manner…
Feminism doesn’t mean being too troublesome, quarrelsome, canterkerous or obstinate in such a repulsive manner…
Feminism doesn’t mean using appalling gutter languages that should only be used by whores and club women…
Feminism doesn’t mean you have to be an empty barrel that makes the most disturbing noise…

Feminism is positive!
Feminism is all about substance!
Feminism means you are capable of doing great tasks just like a man can!

Don’t feel comfortable showing your lack of home training or bad character or ugliness and brand yourself #‎feminist‬…

A feminist is a good woman who is set to change the world by being strong yet soft, subtle yet felt!
A feminist is a woman of strength…
Very strong yet ladylike and graceful!



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