MARILYN OMA ANONA writes : Volunteer Jobs can help you advance your career and it also adds to your job experience.


2015 is fast moving… Its the 5th day of January already. Wow! I hope we all are fully awake and following time.

Its a beautiful Monday morning, the weather is bright and fair, the atmosphere calm, some of the holidays makers are back to base and resumed work while some are still on their way back.

2015, I feel is going to be a year of great achievement and fulfillment in every aspect of our lives.

Forget how your last year ended, stop counting your losses…Just believe that this new year will be better than the last.
I will be so delighted to know that you have set your goals for the year.

Darling, I am not talking about “New Year Resolutions” The ones people make on new year’s eve and break it in less than 1 week!

I am talking about “GOALS” of the
things you will or hope to achieve in year 2015.

You need to set goals for your….

1. Your Career
2. Your income
3. Your Family
4. Relationship
5. Your Spiritual Life
6. Your Health

2015 will be more than beautiful…
However, how you start this year goes a long way to determine how it ends.

Let’s talk briefly about volunteer jobs and how they help your career.

I have always been one who believes very much in volunteer jobs especially when one is idle, waiting for a job and doesn’t have anything to do. Why lie idle when there are lots of things you can do to better yourself and also make impact in the society.

A person who isn’t deep enough will see it as being used but a person who is deep will see it as a way to success and in this new year, I want us all be become deeper and stop seeing things on surface level.

I want to list some of the benefits of volunteer jobs and I hope that by the time I am done, you will pick up one.

1. A volunteer job helps you show the world what you can do. This will be of great benefit especially if you are struggling to get a job. Nobody knows your capability except you show it. Talents, skills etc are not written on anyone’s forehead.

2. Volunteer jobs help you make friends, they help you network and mingle with people who have like minds and similar goals which of course will positively help you.

3. Volunteer jobs help improve your skills or talents, this is because in practice, we get perfect or near perfect since nothing is ever entirely perfect. In practice, innovation comes and you are not stuck with the old methods.

4. Volunteer jobs makes you give back to the society. Yes, you should also give to the society. You owe the society more than the society owes you. Use that skill, that gift or talent and play your own role in making the society a better place.

5. Volunteer jobs makes your psychologically satisfied and gives you an identity which boosts your self confidence and self esteem. While you are doing good to others, you are also doing good to yourself and that alone gives you a natural feeling of self accomplishment.

6. Volunteer jobs go a long way to reduce or kill depression entirely. Instead of lying down on that sofa watching Telemundo and sulking about no job day in day out, go out there ask to do something for free. Do it with your heart. Put in your best. And in doing them, you feel better. As you do them with your heart, I bet you months will not pass by before you start seeing a different you.

7. Volunteer Jobs helps you stay healthy. Nothing kills faster than idleness. No part of the body active from the brain to the toes. With volunteer jobs, you are very very active. And it in turn helps your health.

8. Volunteer Jobs can help you advance your career and it also adds to your job experience.

9. Volunteer jobs are fun.

10. Being involved in volunteer jobs is a prestige especially in this time and age when people have thrown values away.

These are some of the benefits of volunteer jobs. I can hear you ask:
1. How do I do this job without money?
2. I don’t have transportation fare, how do I get there on daily basis?

My dear, you can also do volunteer jobs in the comfort of your home. Even when you have to go out, it doesn’t have to be everyday. We are in a very digital age where most things can be done on the internet. Most companies have websites and emails. We have the social media.
For example, you are not gathered in a hall to listen to me talk, you didn’t pay to come but I have been able to speak to you today.
Think outside the box!
Contact the companies or outfits you wish to do volunteer jobs for and have a discussion with them.

Volunteer jobs are great and very advantageous. I advise you to get one today and make this year great for yourself and the society. And in picking up one, make sure its in line with your goals and ambition.

Happy New Year

Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



  1. Thanks once again Pouty, one can even visit schools and inculcate something positive in the mind of our young chaps, help the neighbor with gardening, washing of cars and posibly taking their children to school and back.
    I’m enlightened!, I’m inspired!!, I’m motivated!!

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