MARILYN OMA ANONA writes: Carve a niche and be known for something.

Its a beautiful Saturday morning. The harmattan is still very much around at least in the eastern and northern parts of Nigeria. The holidays ended too soon, jolly times are not usually lengthy though and for me, that the reason for the excitement.

People are already going back to their various base and places of work. I hope you enjoyed your holidays. Even if you didn’t have all the money to spend, I hope you at least had good rest.

Now back to reality! The holidays are over. Where did we stop last year. Where or how are we starting this year 2015?

So many got married this holidays, so many got engaged, some got separated or even got divorced, some are moving to new houses, some will be starting a new job, some will be entering into the universities, polythecnics or colleges of education. What I am trying to say is, the new year usually marks a fresh start for most people. People want to do something to show change or a fresh start.

Its the third day of January already and before we know it, the year is gone again and we start wondering how time sped by so fast. This year I don’t want any of us to be oblivious or totally unconscious of time and how it moves. We must all be aware that time waits for no one and we all have equal amount of time too. So time must be effectively utilized.

In a bid for us all to start this new year on a good note, I want to talk about doing what you love doing and making a living out of it.
This is one aspect that has left many confused and disillusioned. What you do has a strong connection with your entire life. That’s why its very important that you do that which you love to do.

But in a society like ours where people are scared of the unknown because the system is not organized, most prefer to keep doing what they are doing even though they don’t love it than work to develop that which they love to do. This is the case for most people and I agree that leaving one’s pay job for something entirely new is not easy at all. But then, when you read the stories of great men and women, you will discover also that their beginning wasn’t easy at all.

But anyone who wants true and lasting success knows about hard work and embraces it. Doing something you love will make you work harder at it, but that alone doesn’t mean you have a good business. Hard work, ultimately, has to meet with the right opportunities, and that’s where entrepreneurial spirit can come in, allowing passion to meet real business sense.

My own experiences in writing, speaking and Television presentation has taught me a lot of valuable lessons. I want to share some of them with you. Hoping that it will also help you become a better person this year 2015.

1. In starting out, take it one step at a time. Start with one level before going on to the next. Carve a niche and be known for something. Dare to be different in that field because definitely, you won’t and will not be the only person in that field. Don’t follow the crowd and be so regular because they are all doing the same thing therefore you must follow the trend. Take it one step at a time and be unique. The right people will go for substance and substance doesn’t wane.

2. You must know that because you are new, you must pay your dues and its normal. Its part of the process. When I started writing and speaking professionally. I was not concerned about money. I was eager to speak and have people listen for them to know what I can do. I wrote and wasn’t discouraged because money wasn’t coming. I always said to myself, I can never run out of what to write. I will write and the world will read and it takes just one day for someone to read and find me out and that’s all. If I stay in my bedroom and say I must be paid to speak, I won’t write because money is not yet coming or I will start to do what other blogs do, I will not have moved an inch, I would have lost my self and I would have been so frustrated. In starting out, don’t expect to start making all the money like someone who has spent some years in that field you just entered. Process!!!

3. In starting, get to know people in that same field who were there before you. We all need these set of people. They will definitely help guide you. They may not be physical friends, you may eventually get to meet them or never meet them. But follow them regularly, send them mails, ask questions etc. Its a sure guide believe me!

4. In starting, always seek help when you need it. There are people who are better than you in one way just like you are better in another way. Seek help, seek advise etc.

5. In starting out, always be ready to offer something. Offer your skills in a gathering. Its a way to market yourself. Stop hoarding your gifts. Its detrimental.

6. In starting out and taking the decision to be on your own, be ready to be stressed, pressured and to work extremely hard. Some people usually feel being on ones own is an escape from hard work, you are so wrong if you belong to that school of thought.

From my experiences, I learnt these and gave you just few of them.
Its a brand new year, time to take major decisions that will help shape our lives.

This is the time for you to discover who you are and start living.

Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



  1. Yeah u write very well , that’s a nice to usher in the new year for those who care to listen b4 it is too late . Though a litle bit lenghty , all the same the salient points were mentioned .

  2. Marilyn

    Good Day

    Nice write up by you to kick start the pregnant year , for those of us who cares to listen to positive word of advise .

    Keep it up the sky is not your limit, other things being equal .

    Best of Regards ,
    Uche Anaba
    Sent from my BlackBerry wireless device from MTN

  3. A great way to start the New Year from Oma. Indeed, nothing good comes easy. Truth be told, you inspired me a lot in 2014 and l learnt a lot from you. Let’s do more in 2015. Thanks for sharing.

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