MARILYN OMA ANONA writes: Happy New Year Job Ad.

Its a Brand New Year…
How you start will go a long way to determine how you end!

This is why we are making this vacancies available to you!

At Alpha Gamma Multimedia Ltd, Tribalism and Nepotism do not have any role!

This is a chance to grow and be part of a strong team that is goal oriented!

Alpha Gamma Multimedia Ltd, producer of your Phenomenal Television Talk Show “Omaliving Show” needs:

1. An Editor ( Abuja )
2. Company Representatives ( Abuja )
3. Public Relations Officer ( Abuja )
4. Freelance Representatives. ( Anywhere in Nigeria )
5. Freelance Photographers ( Anywhere in Nigeria )
6. Assistant Producer ( Abuja )

Alpha Gamma Multimedia believes in ability not just paper qualification.

Passionate people are needed not those who want to apply because they don’t have a job.

Honesty and integrity are traits we cannot compromise.

Energy and drive for excellence are required.


1. Should be very good at editing,graphics and 3d animation.
2. Should have reference of similar jobs done in the past.
3. Should be able to work with a time frame.
4. This position is on contract basis.

1. Should be energetic.
2. Should be eloquent.
3. Should be able to work with minimal supervision.
4. Should be able to convince.

1. Should be able to get businesses in the name of the company.
2. You are entitled to a commission.
3. Should be honest and trustworthy.

1. Exclusive coverage for Alpha Gamma Multimedia is on per as you go basis depending on the camera used.

1. Should know what it takes to produce a talk show, Documentaries, Adverts, Films and Music Videos from the beginning to the end.
2. Should be energetic.
3. Should be a team player.
4. Should be highly creative and innovative.

Anyone who fits into any of the above mentioned positions should send his or her resume to these addresses:

It means each applicant should send the resume to the 3 email addresses.

For more info, please visit

Thanks and have a beautiful year.


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