MARILYN OMA ANONA writes: Here are some simple advise to help your 2015.


Its the new year once again… Another opportunity to write a story, re write a story or end a story.
Happy NEW YEAR, wishing you a prosperous 2015, wishing you long life and prosperity this 2015 and always… Yes after the age long tradition of HAPPY NEW YEAR wishes, what next?
Most of us have never really been conscious about this new year thing. Yes, we all know there is a shift in the calendar and the old year ends, therefore a new one is bound to start… But we don’t often take time to evaluate, analyze and go through the past year in a bid to improve or become better in this new year.
We probably just take it as change in date and something bound to happen.
Its another new year and I don’t want you to go into or start this new year the same old way. Blindly going with the crowd and repeatedly saying “happy new year” , “I wish you the same”… Nope darling, this year must be different and must take you to your destination.

Let’s first do this. I want you to answer this question yourself in your heart…

1. What were your goals, ambitions and resolution for 2014?
2. How many of them did you even start?
3. How many were you able to finish or complete?
4. What do you think about 2014?
5. How do you hope to continue in 2015?
6. Do you continue on the old goals and see them completed or do you want to abandon them and start afresh?
7. What are your reasons for the decision you have taken in “question 6”?
8. Do you really know who you are?
9. Where do you want to see yourself by December 2015?
10. Are you open to receive 2015?

Now, that you have answered the questions, I know you feel a lot better and reflecting in your head how things are going to turn out. That’s good… You are now conscious!

I know that 2015 is going to be a super wonderful year. Here are some simple advise to help your 2015:

1. Stay positive.
2. Be enthusiastic.
3. You need all that energy.
4. Exercise.
5. Eat right.
6. Get enough sleep.
7. Stay focused.
8. Get a role model if you don’t have one.
9. You must be process oriented if you want true success.
10. Stand for something, stop following the crowd.
11. Stay away from idle gossip.
12. Expect challenges sometimes as long as you are alive.
13. Get a mentor.
14. Discover yourself and your life purpose.
15. Read books, attend seminars, events and get togethers aimed at making you better.
16. Ask questions when you don’t understand.
17. Be grateful always.
18. Plan your spending based on your income. (Have a budget)
19. Make new friends.
20. Analyze everyday by checking what you accomplished and what you are thankful for.

These 20 advise may appear too simple but will definitely help you go a long way in achieving your life goals and ambitions.

This 2015 will be a year of great success, fulfillment and joy.

I wish you all a prosperous 2015…


Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!

Inspire the uninspired



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