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Marilyn Oma Anona Writes: Feminism is positive!

But I will keep correcting women who feel or think they have to act like “wild animals” and still justify it with “I AM A FEMINIST”

No darling! You are a not a feminist…
You are a wild animal!

Feminism isn’t equivalent to be uneccessarily too loud and in the most disgusting manner…
Feminism doesn’t mean being too troublesome, quarrelsome, canterkerous or obstinate in such a repulsive manner…
Feminism doesn’t mean using appalling gutter languages that should only be used by whores and club women…
Feminism doesn’t mean you have to be an empty barrel that makes the most disturbing noise…

Feminism is positive!
Feminism is all about substance!
Feminism means you are capable of doing great tasks just like a man can!

Don’t feel comfortable showing your lack of home training or bad character or ugliness and brand yourself #‎feminist‬…

A feminist is a good woman who is set to change the world by being strong yet soft, subtle yet felt!
A feminist is a woman of strength…
Very strong yet ladylike and graceful!

MARILYN OMA ANONA writes: Being intelligent and the challenges that come with it.

Wow! Beautiful Monday morning, but this overwhelming cold in the city of Abuja is making it so hard to get out of bed. But I must get out of bed. Laziness in any form isn’t permitted.

Hope you had a splendid weekend? Mine was very lovely… Went to the movies and went to visit a friend. ( Remember, part of my 2015 resolution is to go out often. ) So thanks to NEPA or PHCN for making it possible by withholding power thereby forcing me to go out. But I must say it was worth it. We should all go out sometimes.

You are obviously wondering what I want to talk about today. Well, I want to talk about being intelligent and the challenges that come with it.

Let me ask you this… “Is it wrong for someone to say, I am intelligent”?
Before I go on let me quickly talk about this word HUMILITY…

Humility doesn’t in any way mean self depreciation. So if you want to make yourself appear low in order to please people around you then that’s not true humility. Humility is basically about knowing you have this gift, knowing you are handsome, beautiful, wealthy, influential but making those around you feel comfortable despite your class. Humility doesn’t mean you have to say you are ugly when you are beautiful. Humility doesn’t mean that saying I am wealthy or rich is not right. If the other person feels bad that you say you are beautiful, wealthy or intelligent… Its their problem not yours. Its their low self esteem issues not yours.

I am an overly sensitive person. To the point that I care so much not to hurt anyone. One day I made a post on Facebook and some of my friends came to my inbox to say ” Marilyn, what was that?”… I clearly remember HENRY UKAZU” telling me, dear, please don’t run down yourself to be seen as humble…
So humility isn’t equivalent to self depreciation.

Let me go down to what I actually want to talk about today… Being intelligent and the challenges that come with it.

Are you used to folks calling you “Over sabi”, ” I too know”, ” or “obstinately raising an argument because they can’t bear the fact that you always have a correct answer”, ” or those who just sit by the corner waiting tirelessly for a blunder or an error to come from you and then yeah it comes and they make statements like oh, this one pass you”…

If you are used to this then this might interest you.

For someone to be intelligent and known or seen to be intelligent. It means you are faster, smarter and more independent than most people in learning and coming up with ideas etc. And this comes with a lot of challenges.

1. You usually stand out in a group, you are not afraid to voice out your opinion and when others in the same group are suffering from “BANDWAGON SYNDROME”, you are not afraid to voice out your opinion to the anger and maybe envy of others in the same group. As such, you may always be seen as the odd man out and statements like “I too know”, “over sabi house wife”, ” how can you know more than all of us” will crop up. This is a big challenge isn’t it?

2. Most intelligent people are usually very confident, which most who do not understand often misinterpret as arrogance. You are sure of yourself at all times. You are undaunted in your opinions and this leaves people wondering and eventually hating. Another big challenge!

3. Now, most people will remember all the times that you get something wrong, and they will never let you forget it! Some people might even be looking for errors and failures in all you do. When they find it, they rejoice as though their lifespan increases with each error from you. But when they don’t find them, they tag you “know-it-all.” Now tell me if this isn’t a challenge! *laughs out loud*

4. Intelligent people are usually original people. They can’t fake it, they live life genuinely. And its another big challenge there.

5. Being Intelligent isn’t easy and can be very depressing or frustrating. What others see and look away, you can’t see and ignore. You want to make a difference. You are always trying to solve a problem. You want to effect change. And because you can’t effect this change all alone, it weighs down your mind. Others just think you take life too seriously. They don’t believe in change and you are left trying to always find those who believe. One hell of a challenge!

6. This challenge is one of the biggest. This time its you being too damn hard on yourself. Because, you are intelligent so you must get everything right. You must not fail. Even when you are ill or not to strong, you must get up and fix things. You don’t want to ever think that there is something you can’t do. You will rather not sleep than get them done. Yes your brain is you asset so why can’t I fix things? After all I am intelligent! So no rest!

7. Being intelligent makes you feel that you must do great things and even makes you fel like you are a disgrace when you don’t. Isn’t this a challenge?

8. Being intelligent can bring problems in relationships especially when you have to constantly deal with slow people. They will not understand you and will make it seem like you are so perfect or even overbearing. Even in romantic relationships. If your partner isn’t as smart and fast, issues will always crop up. Hmmm!

9. Sometimes, it appears like you are so hard to please. This is not true but this is how the less intelligent people feel about you except those who are corrigible. Don’t you think this is a challenge too?

10. Another big challenge is, you don’t get enough rest. Your mind is constantly at work. Even when you are lying down, you are not resting. You are the last to retire to bed and the first to wake up.

There are so many challenges intelligent people face… Sometimes, I see a lot of sense in the phrase “Ignorance is bliss”!
Those who do not know as much are so relaxed and less is even expected of them. But when you are intelligent, expectations are high. No, you can’t be jobless, you can’t be broke, you can’t be single, you can’t be this and that.

You are intelligent and its not your fault. But I want to advise you to accept yourself as you are because you are a special person and without your type, the world would have not advanced. Put in all your best and scream from what ever mountain you represent. Expect those challenges and device ways to cope with them. For the part where I mentioned being too hard on your self, you have to stop because you cannot carry the world on your head.

Look out for like minds and form a clique that will work towards a common goal to change our world.

You were created intelligent for a reason…
Let us feel you.

Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!

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MARILYN OMA ANONA writes : Volunteer Jobs can help you advance your career and it also adds to your job experience.


2015 is fast moving… Its the 5th day of January already. Wow! I hope we all are fully awake and following time.

Its a beautiful Monday morning, the weather is bright and fair, the atmosphere calm, some of the holidays makers are back to base and resumed work while some are still on their way back.

2015, I feel is going to be a year of great achievement and fulfillment in every aspect of our lives.

Forget how your last year ended, stop counting your losses…Just believe that this new year will be better than the last.
I will be so delighted to know that you have set your goals for the year.

Darling, I am not talking about “New Year Resolutions” The ones people make on new year’s eve and break it in less than 1 week!

I am talking about “GOALS” of the
things you will or hope to achieve in year 2015.

You need to set goals for your….

1. Your Career
2. Your income
3. Your Family
4. Relationship
5. Your Spiritual Life
6. Your Health

2015 will be more than beautiful…
However, how you start this year goes a long way to determine how it ends.

Let’s talk briefly about volunteer jobs and how they help your career.

I have always been one who believes very much in volunteer jobs especially when one is idle, waiting for a job and doesn’t have anything to do. Why lie idle when there are lots of things you can do to better yourself and also make impact in the society.

A person who isn’t deep enough will see it as being used but a person who is deep will see it as a way to success and in this new year, I want us all be become deeper and stop seeing things on surface level.

I want to list some of the benefits of volunteer jobs and I hope that by the time I am done, you will pick up one.

1. A volunteer job helps you show the world what you can do. This will be of great benefit especially if you are struggling to get a job. Nobody knows your capability except you show it. Talents, skills etc are not written on anyone’s forehead.

2. Volunteer jobs help you make friends, they help you network and mingle with people who have like minds and similar goals which of course will positively help you.

3. Volunteer jobs help improve your skills or talents, this is because in practice, we get perfect or near perfect since nothing is ever entirely perfect. In practice, innovation comes and you are not stuck with the old methods.

4. Volunteer jobs makes you give back to the society. Yes, you should also give to the society. You owe the society more than the society owes you. Use that skill, that gift or talent and play your own role in making the society a better place.

5. Volunteer jobs makes your psychologically satisfied and gives you an identity which boosts your self confidence and self esteem. While you are doing good to others, you are also doing good to yourself and that alone gives you a natural feeling of self accomplishment.

6. Volunteer jobs go a long way to reduce or kill depression entirely. Instead of lying down on that sofa watching Telemundo and sulking about no job day in day out, go out there ask to do something for free. Do it with your heart. Put in your best. And in doing them, you feel better. As you do them with your heart, I bet you months will not pass by before you start seeing a different you.

7. Volunteer Jobs helps you stay healthy. Nothing kills faster than idleness. No part of the body active from the brain to the toes. With volunteer jobs, you are very very active. And it in turn helps your health.

8. Volunteer Jobs can help you advance your career and it also adds to your job experience.

9. Volunteer jobs are fun.

10. Being involved in volunteer jobs is a prestige especially in this time and age when people have thrown values away.

These are some of the benefits of volunteer jobs. I can hear you ask:
1. How do I do this job without money?
2. I don’t have transportation fare, how do I get there on daily basis?

My dear, you can also do volunteer jobs in the comfort of your home. Even when you have to go out, it doesn’t have to be everyday. We are in a very digital age where most things can be done on the internet. Most companies have websites and emails. We have the social media.
For example, you are not gathered in a hall to listen to me talk, you didn’t pay to come but I have been able to speak to you today.
Think outside the box!
Contact the companies or outfits you wish to do volunteer jobs for and have a discussion with them.

Volunteer jobs are great and very advantageous. I advise you to get one today and make this year great for yourself and the society. And in picking up one, make sure its in line with your goals and ambition.

Happy New Year

Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!

MARILYN OMA ANONA writes: Carve a niche and be known for something.

Its a beautiful Saturday morning. The harmattan is still very much around at least in the eastern and northern parts of Nigeria. The holidays ended too soon, jolly times are not usually lengthy though and for me, that the reason for the excitement.

People are already going back to their various base and places of work. I hope you enjoyed your holidays. Even if you didn’t have all the money to spend, I hope you at least had good rest.

Now back to reality! The holidays are over. Where did we stop last year. Where or how are we starting this year 2015?

So many got married this holidays, so many got engaged, some got separated or even got divorced, some are moving to new houses, some will be starting a new job, some will be entering into the universities, polythecnics or colleges of education. What I am trying to say is, the new year usually marks a fresh start for most people. People want to do something to show change or a fresh start.

Its the third day of January already and before we know it, the year is gone again and we start wondering how time sped by so fast. This year I don’t want any of us to be oblivious or totally unconscious of time and how it moves. We must all be aware that time waits for no one and we all have equal amount of time too. So time must be effectively utilized.

In a bid for us all to start this new year on a good note, I want to talk about doing what you love doing and making a living out of it.
This is one aspect that has left many confused and disillusioned. What you do has a strong connection with your entire life. That’s why its very important that you do that which you love to do.

But in a society like ours where people are scared of the unknown because the system is not organized, most prefer to keep doing what they are doing even though they don’t love it than work to develop that which they love to do. This is the case for most people and I agree that leaving one’s pay job for something entirely new is not easy at all. But then, when you read the stories of great men and women, you will discover also that their beginning wasn’t easy at all.

But anyone who wants true and lasting success knows about hard work and embraces it. Doing something you love will make you work harder at it, but that alone doesn’t mean you have a good business. Hard work, ultimately, has to meet with the right opportunities, and that’s where entrepreneurial spirit can come in, allowing passion to meet real business sense.

My own experiences in writing, speaking and Television presentation has taught me a lot of valuable lessons. I want to share some of them with you. Hoping that it will also help you become a better person this year 2015.

1. In starting out, take it one step at a time. Start with one level before going on to the next. Carve a niche and be known for something. Dare to be different in that field because definitely, you won’t and will not be the only person in that field. Don’t follow the crowd and be so regular because they are all doing the same thing therefore you must follow the trend. Take it one step at a time and be unique. The right people will go for substance and substance doesn’t wane.

2. You must know that because you are new, you must pay your dues and its normal. Its part of the process. When I started writing and speaking professionally. I was not concerned about money. I was eager to speak and have people listen for them to know what I can do. I wrote and wasn’t discouraged because money wasn’t coming. I always said to myself, I can never run out of what to write. I will write and the world will read and it takes just one day for someone to read and find me out and that’s all. If I stay in my bedroom and say I must be paid to speak, I won’t write because money is not yet coming or I will start to do what other blogs do, I will not have moved an inch, I would have lost my self and I would have been so frustrated. In starting out, don’t expect to start making all the money like someone who has spent some years in that field you just entered. Process!!!

3. In starting, get to know people in that same field who were there before you. We all need these set of people. They will definitely help guide you. They may not be physical friends, you may eventually get to meet them or never meet them. But follow them regularly, send them mails, ask questions etc. Its a sure guide believe me!

4. In starting, always seek help when you need it. There are people who are better than you in one way just like you are better in another way. Seek help, seek advise etc.

5. In starting out, always be ready to offer something. Offer your skills in a gathering. Its a way to market yourself. Stop hoarding your gifts. Its detrimental.

6. In starting out and taking the decision to be on your own, be ready to be stressed, pressured and to work extremely hard. Some people usually feel being on ones own is an escape from hard work, you are so wrong if you belong to that school of thought.

From my experiences, I learnt these and gave you just few of them.
Its a brand new year, time to take major decisions that will help shape our lives.

This is the time for you to discover who you are and start living.

Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!

MARILYN OMA ANONA writes: Happy New Year Job Ad.

Its a Brand New Year…
How you start will go a long way to determine how you end!

This is why we are making this vacancies available to you!

At Alpha Gamma Multimedia Ltd, Tribalism and Nepotism do not have any role!

This is a chance to grow and be part of a strong team that is goal oriented!

Alpha Gamma Multimedia Ltd, producer of your Phenomenal Television Talk Show “Omaliving Show” needs:

1. An Editor ( Abuja )
2. Company Representatives ( Abuja )
3. Public Relations Officer ( Abuja )
4. Freelance Representatives. ( Anywhere in Nigeria )
5. Freelance Photographers ( Anywhere in Nigeria )
6. Assistant Producer ( Abuja )

Alpha Gamma Multimedia believes in ability not just paper qualification.

Passionate people are needed not those who want to apply because they don’t have a job.

Honesty and integrity are traits we cannot compromise.

Energy and drive for excellence are required.


1. Should be very good at editing,graphics and 3d animation.
2. Should have reference of similar jobs done in the past.
3. Should be able to work with a time frame.
4. This position is on contract basis.

1. Should be energetic.
2. Should be eloquent.
3. Should be able to work with minimal supervision.
4. Should be able to convince.

1. Should be able to get businesses in the name of the company.
2. You are entitled to a commission.
3. Should be honest and trustworthy.

1. Exclusive coverage for Alpha Gamma Multimedia is on per as you go basis depending on the camera used.

1. Should know what it takes to produce a talk show, Documentaries, Adverts, Films and Music Videos from the beginning to the end.
2. Should be energetic.
3. Should be a team player.
4. Should be highly creative and innovative.

Anyone who fits into any of the above mentioned positions should send his or her resume to these addresses:

It means each applicant should send the resume to the 3 email addresses.

For more info, please visit

Thanks and have a beautiful year.

MARILYN OMA ANONA writes: Here are some simple advise to help your 2015.


Its the new year once again… Another opportunity to write a story, re write a story or end a story.
Happy NEW YEAR, wishing you a prosperous 2015, wishing you long life and prosperity this 2015 and always… Yes after the age long tradition of HAPPY NEW YEAR wishes, what next?
Most of us have never really been conscious about this new year thing. Yes, we all know there is a shift in the calendar and the old year ends, therefore a new one is bound to start… But we don’t often take time to evaluate, analyze and go through the past year in a bid to improve or become better in this new year.
We probably just take it as change in date and something bound to happen.
Its another new year and I don’t want you to go into or start this new year the same old way. Blindly going with the crowd and repeatedly saying “happy new year” , “I wish you the same”… Nope darling, this year must be different and must take you to your destination.

Let’s first do this. I want you to answer this question yourself in your heart…

1. What were your goals, ambitions and resolution for 2014?
2. How many of them did you even start?
3. How many were you able to finish or complete?
4. What do you think about 2014?
5. How do you hope to continue in 2015?
6. Do you continue on the old goals and see them completed or do you want to abandon them and start afresh?
7. What are your reasons for the decision you have taken in “question 6”?
8. Do you really know who you are?
9. Where do you want to see yourself by December 2015?
10. Are you open to receive 2015?

Now, that you have answered the questions, I know you feel a lot better and reflecting in your head how things are going to turn out. That’s good… You are now conscious!

I know that 2015 is going to be a super wonderful year. Here are some simple advise to help your 2015:

1. Stay positive.
2. Be enthusiastic.
3. You need all that energy.
4. Exercise.
5. Eat right.
6. Get enough sleep.
7. Stay focused.
8. Get a role model if you don’t have one.
9. You must be process oriented if you want true success.
10. Stand for something, stop following the crowd.
11. Stay away from idle gossip.
12. Expect challenges sometimes as long as you are alive.
13. Get a mentor.
14. Discover yourself and your life purpose.
15. Read books, attend seminars, events and get togethers aimed at making you better.
16. Ask questions when you don’t understand.
17. Be grateful always.
18. Plan your spending based on your income. (Have a budget)
19. Make new friends.
20. Analyze everyday by checking what you accomplished and what you are thankful for.

These 20 advise may appear too simple but will definitely help you go a long way in achieving your life goals and ambitions.

This 2015 will be a year of great success, fulfillment and joy.

I wish you all a prosperous 2015…


Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!

Inspire the uninspired