MARILYN OMA ANONA writes: With the materialistic person, nothing is meaningful to them except MONEY…

There are so many things I love about myself and I can never trade who I am for another. I can’t begin to count them, I mean the things I love about me because they are too numerous to count.

But I want to talk about one of those things I love about myself today… I love myself too much because I am not materialistic. My happiness in life isn’t dependent on material things and that explains why even in the face of great lack, I am so happy and full of life and energy and you will never know. I may have no kobo in my bank account but will be happier than someone who has a million bucks in his account.

This is one thing I love so much about me. And it explains why I can be so comfortable using a nokia torch or carrying my weave for 2months and still be very happy. It also explains why I don’t go about following men for money. It explains a lot of things. It explains why I work hard and very happy when I am able to fend for myself and give to those around me. It explains why I am not stingy.

Now,money is very important and essential. We can’t do without money but excessive love for anything at all is bad and that includes money. Excessive love for money and the things money can buy is called MATERIALISM.

Can you even begin to imagine what this means and what it does to you? Excessive love for money and what money can buy.
I usually pity MATERIALISTIC folks because they bear too much burden. They are usually restless because they are insatiable. Materialism does a lot of damage to an individual. Yes, that’s true! Let’s face the fact!

Materialism is linked to a lot of mental problems and even physical issues. I prefer to pursue a cordial relationship, family, love , loyalty , faithfulness than pursue money. With the materialistic person, nothing is meaningful to them except MONEY… Can you see how dangerous and harmful this is?

It means a materialistic person can even kill or forget family as long as money is concerned etc. It means a materialistic person isn’t image conscious, doesn’t care about integrity etc as long as money is concerned.

I don’t intend to make this very lengthy… The entire piece will be in my book. But I want you to know these. Materialistic people are usually:

1. Unhappy.
2. Unfaithful.
3. Envious.
4. Insensitive to the feelings of others.
5. They are often greedy.
6. They can’t be trusted and they don’t trust others as a result because they don’t even trust themselves.
7. They are hardly generous except they have something up their sleeves.
8. They indulge in a lot of unhealthy competition making them restless at all times.
9. They don’t know what love is. (the word cupboard love describes the kind of love they believe in).
10. They are prone to depression. This happens when the money refuses to flow.
11. They are victims of poor impulse control.
12. Social anxiety is one of their major problems.
13. Narcissism.
14. Tender to use people for personal gains.
15. Short attention span.
16. Poor self actualization.
17. Love to Gossip and keep Malice.
18. They are highly impatient.
19. They lack understanding.
20. They are usually selfish.
There are more and more of this.

A materialistic person values apart from money, extrinsic factors (image, status, prestige, beauty, and popularity) more than intrinsic factors (being a good person, behaving authentically, having honor).
Few people admit (or even realize) that they value designer clothes more than personal integrity, which is why the truest test of materialism lies in lifestyle evaluation.

Materialism is a bad thing. We all have our faults but this very one is very harmful not just to you, but to your immediate environment and the society at large.

A materialistic person can never make a good leader, boss or clergyman. Selfishness and greed are major traits such people exhibit so how can a good leader be selfish?

A materialistic person who succeeds in becoming the president of a country will never work but keep embezzling public funds just for personal satisfaction.

We all clamour for change but I am of the opinion that the change we seek should start from you and I.
We are the society. We should be the change we want to see by genuinely evaluating ourselves, and trying to change some bad traits that we possess.

We cannot live well if we are materialistic and I want us all to live well!

2015 is almost here, its time to start afresh in a bid to get better!

Live well and succeed, make it work!

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  1. Marilyn,
    Merry Christmas to you and a happy new year in advance , more grease to ur elbow, the sky is not your limit on ur excellent and flexible write up on your Blog

    I hope u travelled to Abagana this time ?

    Cheers and Best of Regards ,
    Uche Anaba
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