MARILYN OMA ANONA writes: May you be inspired this Holidays and always.


Mary’s boy child, JESUS CHRIST was born on Christmas day… And man will live for ever more, because of Christmas day!!! *music*

How time flies… Its the end of 2014 already!
And looking back, it feels like 2013 was just yesterday.


Is it that time sped past unusually too fast? Or is it that we all were so caught up with life’s business, struggle, hustle and activities that we didn’t realize when the year came to an end?

Well, what ever the case, its just a few days left to wrap up this amazing and wonderful year 2014…

And as an optimist who is also very enthusiastic about life, I am looking forward to 2015…

*smiling* 2014 like every other year came with a lot of things. Some very beautiful things, some ugly things but no matter how you want to judge 2014, remember that:

1. Change is always constant (what ever you experienced, can change for the better or even get worse in 2015).

2.Remember that without 2014 there will be no 2015.

3. Remember also that life is not a bed of roses (and even if it were, roses have thorns too).


On my way from Gwarinpa this morning, I met an old friend right in front of Drumstix and had to stop to exchange pleasantries with her. After the usual Nigerian style of greeting ( like “how far?”, “wetin dey happen”, “what do you do” and all) … I asked when she was travelling home ie her hometown (which is our end of year tradition in this part of the world), she told me she won’t travel and I asked why, reminding her that Abuja is going to be very dry (ie empty and deserted as almost everyone would have travelled)…
She then started telling me stories of pain, sadness and anger. Demoralizing stories of how 2014 is the worst year of her life. She kept on stressing, “no good job”, “no money” , “no husband” etc…

All through the time she was going on and on about all the negative things she has experienced… I kept on telling her that all was going to be alright! I kept telling her to calm down.

Hmmm! So much energy expended on complaining and analyzing ugly incidents? To me, its not worth it.

I succeeded eventually in calming her down and taking time to talk to her. Then I quickly remembered an old school mate that passed 4 years ago after our youth service (NYSC).

I asked her, eh hen, how is Ebele? And explained the particular Ebele to her and she turned surprised, “haba! Ebele is late now” …
And I smiled. I told her I knew Ebele had passed on that I asked her that question for her to know that many of our age mates are gone.
They didn’t wish to die, they had dreams and ambition but they died so early. But here you are alive and healthy yet you complain so much about life and woes when there are so many reasons to be thankful to GOD.

I reminded her of the people in various hospitals suffering from one disease or the other. Some of the people in the prisons who may be innocent but punished for a crime they didn’t commit and several other instances.

She started reflecting and muttered ” its true o”

2014 is almost ended, yes! For me, its been an awesome year filled with uncountable blessings. Its true that I don’t have all that I wish to have but then, I have so many other things I didn’t expect to have so soon. And for all I am so grateful and looking forward to the new year 2015.

Like most people, I had “new year resolutions” for 2014 which I didn’t keep…
The most remarkable being to get back to size 8 but I have been on constant 12 and not even exercised at all this year but I have new zeal to improve in the new year and that’s the spirit we all need.

So no matter what ugly experience that is making you so sad, depressed and unfulfilled… Please try as much as you can to focus on the good things you are privileged to have and be part of the joy and love this season.

You may feel that:

1. You are not married.
2. You don’t have a good job.
3. You didn’t make money.
4. You are in debt.
5. You don’t have a new phone or that nice dress or a classy pair of new shoes.
6. You didn’t lose weight like you planned.

Enough of the negative stories, accounts and reports… Don’t dread this season!
Next year is another opportunity to achieve all of these.

Just pray for good health, life, great opportunities and most importantly, the ability to recognize this opportunity when its in front of you.

Here is wishing everyone of you a wonderful and totally joyful Christmas Celebration.

May you be inspired this Holidays and always.

Poshmarilyn loves you!
Omaliving Show cares about you and is saying, “LIVE WELL AND SUCCEED, MAKE IT WORK””



  1. Chei see me crushing my rice n chapman,ds is a gud write up dear,for me 2014 was a gud one though wt setback bt life n gud health is d ultimate,tomorow we hope wl be better,jonathan isn’t de cause of our woes bt backlog of ineptitude n planlessness by previous govt including de so called APC leaders,de a all corrupt,so let’s pray for a better new year n think enterprenuership,govt alone can’t do all for us.compliment to all

  2. soooo true,im kindof guilty on d weight issue but thank God for 2nd chances.Have an amazing Xmas celebration y’all

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