MARILYN ANONA writes: Whether we admit it or not, judging people based on appearance is most times an unconscious thing!

Marilyn Anona
Marilyn Anona

Appearance can mislead you greatly. It takes time to sort out who is actually a good person with a strong character and who is conniving and manipulative but by using a veneer of charm and superficial physical attraction, takes advantage of others.

A big, tough and strong man, who has a rough look, can be judged as scary. While on the contrary, he can have a tender heart and a sweet soul.

Moreover, history shows many horrible crimes are carried out by people who are not considered “dangerous” simply because of their innocent and sophisticated look.

Using our universities as an example, most of the cult guys were handsome and innocent looking but you can’t even begin to imagine the sort of ugly things they do ranging from theft to rape. Now this is in the aspect of beauty and ugliness which I personally believe people should not be judged with.

But believe it or not, JUDGING IS PART OF LIFE I wouldn’t say it is “wrong” to judge people based on appearances. Judging appearances is a major element of human life (animals too).

Because of judgments, we are able to determine what types of friend circles will make us happiest and what kind of mates we wish to select to be with for the rest of our lives. But maybe more importantly, judging by appearances helps protect us from dangerous situations.

Would you not judge a menacing looking figure on a dark road just because it’s “not nice” to judge? Or will you see a man with lots of tattoo, a bottle of jack daniel with a wrap of indian hemp playing loud music from his car while smoking and think of him the same way you would think of a reverend father? Will you see a mature woman, half nude, with red hair,tattoos etc on the road and regard her as an angel?

Whether we admit it or not, judging people based on appearance is most times an unconscious thing! Its ok to Judge…
No! it is not wrong to judge people based on their physical appearance. If you are driving through an unfamiliar area late in the evening and notice a group of males with gang symbols, multiple piercing and their underwear sticking up above their waistbands standing around on a street corner, you are going to make an instant judgment based on their appearance, and you are going to keep driving without stopping to ask directions. There are times when judging someone by their physical appearance can literally save your life.

If you are an angel, why should you be dressed up like the devil and expect people to see the angel in you…

If you are a Doctor, will you get patients dressing or looking like a road side mechanic?

While we go on talking about “NOT JUDGING A BOOK BY ITS COVER” let’s not forget that we are addressed the way we are dressed. In the aspect of Ugliness and beauty, I can’t judge anyone. But your dressing speaks a lot about you and might not avail you the chance to prove that indeed you are an angel… And note that ATTRACTION is based mainly on physical appearance and first impressions so we judge unconsciously.

We have all been judged and we have all judged. Judgment will never stop, so if you are an angel, don’t appear like a devil because there may not be an avenue for you to prove yourself… No one sees a loving heart, a kind soul through the devil.

Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



  1. Right on point. If you fail to judge wisely, you are putting yourself in jeopardy but it should also not form the basis of all our actions towards others because our judgement is bound to be off the mark sometimes.

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