MARILYN ANONA writes: Your job has a deeper connection to your entire life than most of us think.


From daily interaction, personal experience and observation over a period of time, I have come to realize that a lot of people do not like their jobs and are just doing it because that is what they have at the moment and the high rate of unemployment has only made this worse.

I worked with a financial institution and throughout the time I spent with them, I was surrounded by colleagues who were always nagging and complaining of how much they loathe their present job and searching for a new one. And this is not peculiar to just my former colleagues, in fact most of us pick up jobs often saying “let me be managing this one” knowing full well that, that is not what we want to do!

Why do so many people hate their jobs? There are many reasons why people hate their jobs?

Let me quickly go straight to the points…

*** If its a job you know within you that you do not like at all but are forced by circumstances to take, you will never like the job. You hate the job even before picking it up and as a matter of fact you can never do well with it. How do you expect to be happy or do well as a marketer when you hate the whole idea of marketing such that you have developed a phobia for it. So for some people, the hatred for the job was on even before they picked the said job. It will take the special grace of GOD for you eventually start tolerating the job. Yes tolerating because love is love, it doesn’t grow we just become used to the thing and adapt or tolerate.

*** Another good reason why people may hate their jobs is when an employee stays in a particular level too long. And most times these employees keep their heads down nd don’t complain loudly due to unemployment crisis. They are afraid to ask questions, they are afraid to speak up and they are even more afraid to move. You have an instance where people are employed as graduate trainees for example to be confirmed as proper staff of the company or organization after six months but most times companies don’t keep to their words and have these employees work for more than a year without confirmation. Naturally, anyone in these shoe will not be comfortable. You don’t know your fate, you feel used and you don’t have faith in the organization and hatred for that sets in.

*** Again, when an employee works longer hours beyond the usual hours and isn’t rewarded properly, he or she would feel used and if this lingers on, hatred for the job is inevitable except of course it was passion that took the person to that job, and if its passion, he or she will volunteer to work longer hours himself. But I am talking of a case where passion is no where around.

*** When work/life balance is heading in the wrong direction, it affects the love for our jobs. Electronic devices and mobile technology have made it hard to turn work off. Emails, texts, action items and reports come flowing in through smart phones, laptops and tablets all hours of the day and night and even on weekends.
Gosh! People are exhausted and unable to recharge, rest, reboot and enjoy time with their families. This leads to resentment for the job.

*** Negative employer/employee relationships can make us also hate our jobs. Negative relationships can range from taking credit for subordinate’s work, under-appreciation, being difficult, bullying, sexual harassment, gossiping and rivalry in the workplace, work place politics and more. Bosses come in all shapes and sizes and if you don’t have a good relationship with them, you start hating your job!

*** When you know what you want to do with your life, when you know your purpose, when you have discovered yourself and your present job has an unclear career path, you start to hate your job. When an employee doesn’t see how they can grow their skills/experiences and advance, when there is no training and development leading directly to advancement, a person who has a dream, ambition and goal in life will not be comfortable with such a job and will start hating it.

Now the big question is, who should we blame here? We may choose to blame the government for unemployment crisis, or blame the companies but remember its all about you! Its your job… Its your life… So let’s focus on you and how to remedy this situation.

Now, If you find yourself hating your job, you need to take the time to stop and think about why. Is it the money? Is it the people? Is it the work or the hours?

Ok, you know what the problem is! So decide if you are going to do something about it. Or not. But make that decision.

If your answer is, “No, I will stay here,” then stop complaining.

If your answer is, “Yes, I want to get another job ” then build a plan and execute it!

At this point, set a goal! This is very important because it makes you not to go for just anything. Articulate what it is you will look for, being very clear and specific. Identify the function, industry, company type, location, salary minimum, and much more.

The funny thing is, after thorough thinking, you may decide to simply be on your own… Yes! Become self employed either by making use of your GOD given talent or going to acquire a skill.

This is the most important part. Put this plans into action. It is very important that you love your job. When you hate your job, everything is a task because there is no passion. You feel unfulfilled and depressed.

Having a career or a job is not all about the money or salary. Your job has a deeper connection to your entire life than most of us think. When you are doing a job you love, a job you are passionate about, your life is more significant, satisfying and complete.

When you are doing a job you love, whether you make money today or not, you have the zeal to move on. Nothing dampens your spirit.

I will like to stop here today. Please enjoy your holiday, and get ready for work tomorrow.

Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



  1. When you love your job, you look forward to it. You enjoy it, no matter the difficulty at the work place you find yourself happy, why because you love what you do. And that happiness affects the people around you.
    Thanks Ogo for motivating our youths. Big thumbs up to you

  2. it all boils down to passion! if u are passionate about ur job; even if u earn peanuts…..u can never complain cos d passion is dia!

  3. So true. I was once a victim,had to pick up this hotel job in the absence of no other job. I felt stupid and embarrassed telling people I work in hotel cos of the bad tagging. My parents on the other hand made matters worse. I hated the job so much,it affected most of my colleagues and guest….it continued like that till I left the place. And guess what Oma? I left with a bad impression. I never cared until now,after reading ur post. Will make amends and grow to love my job even if it’s not my dream job.. thank you for mentioning me on this post,you seriously spoke to my heart.*Hugs*

    • I am glad dear Okoro. Its not peculiar to you. Many were and are still like that. Instead of doing a joy you won’t do with your heart, its best to quit. GOD bless you dear.

  4. The Nigeria employers especially the private & multinationals are very good at capitalizing on the current state of unemployment & job insecurity to exploit their employees.

    one thing they always have at d back of their mind is if you quit, others ar ready to take ur position with even lesser pay and the worse part is that they always feel that they are doing you a favour by employing u & giving you peanuts as take home.

    its no longer news that jobs are bought with huge sums of money if u ar qualified for such jobs or not while the system is steadily decaying. its a pity but God will definitely see us through someday.

  5. When you love your job or whatever it is you are doing, you will be happy,focused and always strive hard to excel. Nice one Posh.

  6. Personally I feel our attitude towards our job is a basic tool here, no matter how bad ones job may be, a positive attitude towords that job makes it feel like the best job ever, even if u don’t like ur job, but a negative attitude kill ur spirit, also reduces ur productivity, even ur out look on life generally will be poor. So in other words our reactions to situations around us determines what we get out of it. ATTITUDE is EVERYTHING.

  7. you said it all….i used to have a job i resented so much that i had to quit and eventually learnt a skill…the profit isn’t as huge as my former job but am happy and even happier being my own boss because i found out i could do a whole lot of stuffs and i love it when people tell me am so talented and skilled…guess i wouldn’t have gotten such compliments if i stayed in a job i didn’t like….the most important thing s having a plan….tnx posh

  8. Attitude and action! Moreover, if you cannot quit the job you detest, find something you love doing and you get a better combo. Thanks the posh one, ever insightful and educative

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