MARILYN ANONA writes: It doesn’t matter if you are an identical twin or the thing called reincarnation truly occurs, what I know is, there will never be another you.

Marilyn Anona
Marilyn Anona

I hate my self so much… I am so frustrated… No one loves me… I don’t have a serious date… These were the words she was saying on the phone!

Hmmm! I don’t love myself, I am frustrated… Such heavy words! Very heavy negative words!

Well, for me I love myself so very much and that’s why I am able to love others. That’s why I am content even when I have nothing. That’s why frustration can’t be associated with me. That’s why I dust my self up and try again after each failure.

I love myself so much and that’s why I am so confident. That’s why I know my flaws and accept them. That’s why I don’t torture myself over things I can’t change. That’s why I consider being left handed as a blessing.

Loving yourself is very important, it helps you and it makes you appreciate life and people the more.

Most times, people call loving your self “self love”…
But I choose to stick with “loving yourself” because I don’t want anyone mistaking it for Narcissism…

Like I was saying, loving yourself means you have great confidence and a healthy level of self esteem. It means you love the fact that you are one of the creatures created by GOD and not just that, you are so blessed to be human.

So there are a thousand and one reasons for you Amaka, Taiwo, Amina to love yourself and make the best use of this time you have on earth.

I will outline some of the reasons why you should love you.

1. There is going to be just one you. And it means you are very special. It doesn’t matter if you are an identical twin or the thing called reincarnation truly occurs, what I know is, there will never be another you. For that reason, you should fully love this unique being called you. I am yet to hear of another Oprah Winfrey.
Don’t get me wrong! Someone else may go by that same name but it doesn’t mean she is the same Oprah that we know. And the same is applicable to you and I. You are unique so you should love you.

2. If you do not love yourself, it reflects in all you do. Your attitude, your dressing, the way you talk, your hygiene etc.
And let me tell you… If you don’t love yourself, people will not be attracted to you and they will not love for. Nobody can ever love you more than you love you. So for others to love you, you must love you.
Stop being too hard on yourself. You may not be Albert Einstein, Chimamanda Adichie, Mark Zuckerberg etc but you are not less important. Love yourself for who you are and others will love and appreciate you for who you are.

3. If you don’t love yourself, its hard to believe in yourself. What you believe in is often what you love. So if you don’t love yourself, it means you don’t believe in yourself and your ability. And if this is the case, how do you achieve success in life? You see how dangerous it is for you not to love you?

4. Ok, some say they do not love themselves because people judge them due to one flaw or the other… Does it make your situation better? I mean hating yourself?
That person who judges you has more flaws than you so why let their judgment hit you so hard that you hate yourself to the point that you are almost a living dead! Na wah for you o.

5. You must love yourself because that is the first step to achieving success. Yes! You just asked how?
Well like I said before, loving yourself makes you confident and there is nothing you can’t achieve once you have confidence.
Not loving yourself makes you lose a lot of thing. You have this inferiority complex that makes you hide when you should come out. You feel ugly, you can’t talk or do anything in front of others because you think you are going to be teased and taunted.
My dear, please you need to start loving yourself.

These are just few reasons why you should love yourself. Nobody will fill that void for you. That emptiness in your heart can only be filled by you.
But what reason do you have for hating yourself?
Maybe you will say:
I am jobless, I am unemployed, I am fat, I am ugly, I am short, I am not intelligent, I am not married, I am never lucky etc…

Hey hey pause sweetie, the list is getting so overwhelming!
Now let me ask you, how does hating yourself and not taking care of yourself solve these problems you listed?
For me, it compounds them and draws you closer to your grave.

Love yourself no matter what you may be passing through, no matter what you may have experienced etc, it gives you the strength to go on and see more beauty in life.

Look out for the things to be grateful for and not always dwell on all the woes you have encountered in life.

When you love yourself, you attract positive things into your life.

Loving your self doesn’t mean selfishness and the only way to truly appreciate success when it comes is loving yourself now that you have nothing.

Start today to appreicate you.

Enjoy your holidays.

Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



  1. We might have a hundred lives to live ,can you remember your past life or the next one you will come?that is if there’s anything like that,maybe one was a goat,tree,man or woman in his or her previous life or will be one of them in the next life,funny though,no one is worthy of making it uncomfortable or it to the fullest

    • Thanks Darling Dobis. Yes! There is great need for loving one’s self.
      I love myself so much, I look at the mirror and I am satisfied… Nothing like, “I wish my hips are wider or smaller” , ” I wish I am taller” etc. I just think I am the best and that feeling helps me appreciate and value people a lot.
      Thanks so much dear. Enjoy your holiday.

  2. A wonderful piece to start d day with……tnx dearie for giving me many reasons to love myself……i believe loving myself z d first step to achieving something in lyf. tnx poshmarilyn!

    • I am very glad you appreciate this post my lovely Chikaodili. My day is made knowing that I touch lives through this.
      Thanks for taking pains to read. Now I know who cheeker is too, “smiles”. Thanks darling!

  3. Hmmmm…..beautiful piece so soothing for a rainy monday morning as this…..
    Your right ups always leave me with 1 to ponder @….
    Just like this line (“That’s why I don’t torture myself over things I can’t change”) has lifted my very damped & hyper depressed mind….
    God bless U sweet….be good @what U know best to do….
    Thumbs up!!!

  4. Nne your so right. Its only one me FLORENCE ANADI. I was unhappy after I gave birth to my child in 2006 because I became so fat but one day I said to myself I can be happy no matter my seize. I began to have peace of mind. To my greatest suprise, I saw myself reducing and I became so happy and comfortable wit myself and life. Today, I’m so happy with myself. Oma love, God bless you.

    • Awwww! You see, it works like magic. Sometimes, my friends tell me I trip for myself and stuff like that. I tell them maybe that’s why a lot of people are attracted to me. It is very good we love and appreciate ourselves. Thanks dear for your beautiful contribution. Dear Florence, GOD bless you.

  5. You love yourself, you make each day count. You radiate love and infect others with it. The more you love yourself, the more the best in you comes out! NOBODY can love you better than YOU!!!
    The earlier we start appreciating God for making us whom we are, the better our lives become!

    Nice write up dear!

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