MARILYN ANONA writes: Nothing is too small… And nothing is too big! Faithfulness is very essential at all times.

And someone sent you on an errand to buy say detergent… He is a much older person and doesn’t have the time to go to the shops asking for the prices of all items, you bought a pack of “Ariel” a brand of detergent here in Nigeria for 350 Naira and instead of giving him back 650 Naira, you gave him 300 Naira. And he took the change and in your mind, you have made free 350 Naira… And you concluded in your mind he is a mugu for not asking the exact price or not exclaiming in surprise why a small packet of ariel should be sold for 700 Naira.

Let’s assume he asked and told you that the one he bought the other day was 300 Naira, you will argue and go behind him to say he is so stingy, ordinary 300 Naira!

Ordinary 300 Naira you say? Wow! Well for me, nothing is ordinary and nothing is so little or small. Yes, that’s the mistake we often make… I didn’t really put my mind to it because its just not big! I mean is it not just ordinary AC I didn’t turn off? Why does she sound like I did something so terrible? Abeg she is too fussy!

I usually tell people, if you are not careful with that little thing, you won’t be careful with the so called big thing.
Just like I always say, a thief is a thief… It doesn’t matter if he stole 100,000 Naira or 1 million Naira. If he saw 50 million Naira, he would have stolen it as well.

This is also the case for most people. We exhibit poor attitude to work because to us the salary is too small. You are asked to do a job, you won’t do it or you do it grudgingly which reflects in the output at the end of the day. You don’t put in your best because you are paid 50,000 thousand Naira. But no one forced you to pick the job and there are millions who are out there fasting, praying and crying on daily basis for such jobs to come. You should have turned down the job knowing that the pay is too small for you.

You are not faithful and you don’t try to be in everything you do and your reason is “its not really a big thing” … Well, nothing is too small or too big because small and big are relative. What is too small for you might be too big for the other and that’s why you should be faithful!

Let’s take relationship for example… Yes romantic relationship between a man and a woman! You are seeing someone and seeing so many at the same time and when reprimanded, you back it up with “she is not my wife yet or has he paid my bride price?” And that’s how you enter into holy matrimony take marital vows and still cheat because cheating is already in your blood stream, you are already so used to it.

Nothing is too small… And nothing is too big! Faithfulness is very essential at all times.

If you want more, if you must progress then you must be faithful in even the things you see as little!
An Igbo adage says, “Adiro amu aka ekpe na nka”…
When translated to English, it means “one doesn’t learn to use the left hand at old age”…

What do you understand from this adage?
It simply means that we get so used to some things that they become part of us and hard to change.

There is something most of us don’t know. If you cannot put in a lot of dedication, faithfulness and diligence in someone else’s business, the chances that you will do well as a self employed person are very slim. When some hear the term “SELF EMPLOYMENT OR ENTREPRENUERSHIP” they think its avenue to rest…

You are so wrong to think this way! Being self employed or being an entrepreneur means more responsibility, more stress and more expectation. The success or failure of your venture depends 100% on you! So its more work, work and more work!!! So you see what I mean? Being faithful in little helps to build you up for the huge task ahead ie if you are ambitious and interested in making giant strides in life.

Many of us want a stable career, a stable and long lasting marriage but while we are on the part to get to this level, we neglect character… We neglect faithfulness and which is exactly why the world is this type of problem. A lot of unfaithful people. People who think they should be faithful only in big venture but when the big venture comes, their unfaithfulness increases as well.

let’s use betrayal as an instance… Many of us have or claim to have experienced the worst form of betrayal from folks we have trusted… Folks we can lay down our lives for!
But you know why that person hurt you badly?
He or she hurt you badly because you have been ignoring previous incidents with similar signs of betrayals on the account that its just too small. I am sure she meant no harm, its just a small thing!
Then when the big thing happens, she shows you hell and then you start to cry!

Nothing is ever too small… I am stressing it because I want it to sink in!

Being faithful in little is very important and unfortunately, the society lacks people who are faithful In little, that’s why people:

1. Do not want to pass through the process, they won’t sharp results without putting in genuine effort. We want to plant and harvest same day ie if we plant at all, we want to build a house in a week, we want to do everything at the same time or in a short space of time.

2. That’s why patience isn’t a value that is worth having. The patient dog doesn’t eat the fattest bone anymore they say… The patient dog dies of starvation!

3. That’s why there are lots of prostitutes, armed robbers, kidnappers and fraudulent people on the streets. They only see Dangote the wealthy man, they don’t ever want to know his story and the process he went through.

4. That’s why we do not believe in merit, we prefer to cut corners… Buying jobs, results, nepotism and all sorts.

5. That’s why people do not utilize their talents, they must be paid for it.

And the list could go on and on!

Are you a faithful person? Are you faithful in little? Or are you waiting for the big take before you can become faithful?

Are you the one who will hype prices when asked to do something just because according to you, you are hungry… Are you the one who will intentionally not do a thing and back it up with “I forgot” just because you won’t be given money for doing that thing?

Are you the one who will say, I don’t care where he got the money from, all I know is he is successful and should be celebrated!
Or she is driving a G guard, I don’t care if she is a prostitute o, omo! She is a big girl o… She is a correct babe!
Are you the one who believes that because a thief buys computers for schools, buys seats for churches etc that he should be celebrated?

Our society has thrown values and celebrate the wrong things simply because we were not faithful in little and as a result not faithful when the big thing comes.

Being faithful in little will save individuals and save the society.
It will save families from collapse and we won’t have divorce/separation here and there.
It will save talents/gifts.
It will save careers.
It will make the world a very beautiful place because people will be more sincere and careful.

Values: faithfulness, honesty and character etc are still very much needed and we can revive them.
Its not late to start, let’s make the society a better place by being the change we want to see.

Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



  1. Nice one! Little foxes they say spoil the vine. We ignore this ‘little’ things and tomorrow we sit back and complain of how unlucky we are and blame God for being unfair to us

  2. i wish all Nigerian youths would read this write-up…..we take the so called little things for granted thinking that it doesn’t matter; whereas it matters a lot.
    Nne…..we’ll continue preaching d message of this write up till it sinks inside d ears of every tom,dick, and harry!

  3. Well said Oma…Those little things that doesn’t matter to us really matters a lot. Let those who have ears hear ooh thanks for this beautiful write up Bae God bless you more

  4. This is a very very good piece. I’m awakened further by your line of thought. If only more bloggers paid more attention to what’s important… Keep this up Posh and may God bless you.

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