MARILYN ANONA writes: And someone may ask… Are mood swings big issues to be discussed?

Marilyn Anona
Marilyn Anona

Have you ever experienced a situation where it seems like you quickly graduated from a period of extreme happiness to what seems like extreme unhappiness? Or anything of that sort? Well, maybe it has happened to you but you never took notice. To you its just a normal thing. You can back it up with “I just remembered something and it changed my mood” etc.

Well, this type of situation is called “MOOD SWING” which everyone has experienced but for some people, it may be a part of their lives.

Some kind of mood swings are just natural, like waking up in the morning full of energy, zeal and warmth and coming back after a hard, long day feeling down and beat up… This is natural!

But some mood swings are so extreme and therefore not natural because it affects both the person whose mood is swinging, the people around them and the person’s general productivity in life. This type of dangerous mood swing can linger on for days or even weeks… In such cases, the person will neither talk nor be with anyone… They won’t go to work, church, school or do anything at all.

The truth is, most times the people who experience this type of dangerous mood swing do not even know it. They think its just a normal part of their lives, their nature and who they are and they often say things like ” I am just like that, sometimes I just lock up” … Lock up for days? Not going to work? Not eating? Not talking to anyone?

Well honey, its not acceptable because its not good for you and me and the other people around you.

When mood swings are less serious like the instance I gave above and other similar cases, we can accept its a person’s nature or personality trait. But when its extreme and lingers for days without anything to really say the cause is, then its a serious problem which can not be denied or covered up.

But what are the actual causes of mood swings? What makes a person drift from a happy mood to a sad mood in such an automatic manner?

There are Psychiatric and Non Psychiatric causes of mood swings… The psychiatric causes are a lot more dangerous than the Non psychiatric!

Psychiatric Causes:
1. Bipolar Disorder:
A situation where a person suffers mood extremes and often have opposite reactions to events which surprises people. They will be happy when they should be sad and sad when they should be happy etc. Some of us know the Katy perry Song titled “HOT n COLD” talking about some guy she was in love with who acts bipolar. Hot and cold almost same minute.

2. Depression: This is one huge cause of mood swings. And its so difficult because most depressed people do not even know it. A lot of people think depression is just an instantaneous situation ie a period when one feels low but it goes beyond that. Many people are suffering from chronic depression but hardly know it. This causes a change in moods often and on to the surprise and discomfort of all around you.

3. Substance Abuse: This includes abuse (usually over use) of drug, alcohol etc. People who fall in this group often experience bouts of mood swings because of the excess amount of these substances in them.

4. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder:
This is one of the most common childhood disorders and can continue through adolescence and adulthood. Symptoms include difficulty staying focused and paying attention, difficulty controlling behavior, and hyperactivity (over-activity).

People who fall under this should seek care from professionals who could be psychiatric DOCTORS, therapists, counsellors etc depending on the degree and frequency of these bouts of mood swings so that this conditions can be tackled in order for the person to live a normal life. But sadly, most people just go on suffering because they do not realize they have a problem in the first place.

Non Psychiatric Causes:

1. Stress.
2. Pregnancy.
3. Menopause.
4. Puberty.
5. Side effect of medication.
6. Illness, brain tumour, injuries.

The Non Psychiatric causes of mood swings are less harmful because they are often momentary, come naturally and go naturally as well. So the mood swings that come with the Non Psychiatric causes are just natural reactions.

Mood swings have a lot of adverse or negative effects on the sufferers and the people around them. Some of these effects are:

1. Mood swings especially the ones caused by psychiatric situations makes a person appear weird and very abnormal. You are misunderstood. People are scared of you because they don’t know your next reaction. This goes to say that, mood swings affect your relationship with people. And if it affects your relationship with people, I mean regular people, then…

2. Mood swings affects your relationship with your spouse 100% negatively. Who can cope with someone who flares up like a volcano when something worth being happy over is said or someone who becomes sad when something joyful happens (I don’t mean tears of joy, I mean real sadness). Maybe, you can cope if it happens once in a while… But I know you can’t cope when its like everyday and sometimes you have a bout of such mood swing linger on for days… Haba!

3. Mood swings make you unproductive. According to you, you locked up! What has been happening all through the days you locked up? The world paused for you to open up your lock? Did the clock stop ticking? You see, this mood swing you constantly experience, has no positive effect on you. Just negative.

4. Mood swings affect your self confidence and self esteem. One of the psychiatric causes of mood swing is depression. And for you to be depressed in the first place, it means you have this intense feeling of hopelessness and low self worth. There is something happening to you that makes you feel inadequate which we as outsiders may not know. That explains why you may have a good career and still be depressed.
Depression is entirely different from feeling sad or unhappy. Its a much longer state of misery. Its a disease.

5. Mood swings affect your health. Most times, they come with loss of appetite, insomnia, etc and we all know what lack of sleep and not eating properly does to our body. Your immune system is disturbed, you become vulnerable to some illness and you fall ill. So mood swing is not just about our mental health, the body is linked to the mind.

Okay, how do we remedy these mood swing issues? We may think it doesn’t concern us because we don’t fall under the psychiatric cases… But it does affect us one way or the other. You may be so unfortunate to be a victim of violence exhibited by someone who is experiencing mood swings due to substance abuse. Your siblings, relatives or friends maybe experiencing mood swings caused by either depression of bipolar disorder and its your duty to help them. So how do we fix this problem?

1. Patience: We must be patient with the people who experience this problem. Don’t make them feel like they have a problem or that they are abnormal. Remember, its not their fault in the first place.

2. Treat them with love. Let them know that they are loved no matter what they are going through especially in the case of depression. Or that they are loved more than anything no matter what it is they have gone through that now makes them abuse substance. Do not reject, hate or despise them.

3. Make them seek professional help. They can see a doctor, a therapist or a counsellor. And you must also know that its not a one visit kind of thing. It goes on for a long time depending on degree or gravity for a good result to be achieved. It won’t be easy getting them to seek this. It will be more difficult if you have always given them the impression that they are not normal… Despised or rejected them etc.
But if you have been showing them love and putting yourself in their shoes, getting them to seek this professional help won’t be much of a big nut to crack.

4. Get them to eat the right food. Some food are known to change our mood and put us in a better frame of mind. Get them to eat more of those food. Some vegetables are known to help, some sea foods like fishes, things like walnuts, almonds, some kind of meat, foods reach in omega 3 etc are known to help.

5. Learn to pamper, pet and make them feel special. People who experience these mood swings need to know that they are cared for. Don’t say things like “you think I have your time?” “You need help o” etc. Be interested in knowing what it is that bothers them and makes them “lock up” (smiles, I love this lock up phrase). Listen to them.

And someone may ask… Are mood swings big issues to be discussed?
Yes! They are huge issues… They are bigger than we think.
Many have committed suicide because of this. Many have committed heinous crimes because of this. Dreams have been lost because of this. Divorce and separation keep occuring because of this. What about domestic violence and unnecessary rifts between people? What of child abuse?
A lot of things have gone wrong and are still going wrong because of MOOD SWINGS.

Please help someone today. You can remedy a lot by doing so.

Do have a Marvelous Monday and thanks for visiting.
Please share this article to as many people as you can.

Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



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