MARILYN ANONA writes: Being a fashionista or stylista goes beyond trend, colours and labels… Your body shape is the most important. What is your body shape?

Wow!!! Mercy Johnson looks amazing in this dress, I must get it! Omo, see fitting.

My goodness!!! Did you see that outfit on Beyonce?, I must rock this look next week o.
Kai!!! Victoria Beckham can dress o… Everything she wears fits her perfectly. *smiling*, these are some of the statements you hear from ladies.

Most will just go about copying a particular person’s style of dressing, following trend… Forgetting that there is more to dressing, being a fashionista or a stylista.

Being a fashionista or a stylista doesn’t mean you have every trending outfit at any point in time. It doesn’t mean having 1 million clothes in your wardrobe.

Being a fashionista or a stylista is all about knowing your body type. This is because your body type determines what flatters you most.

Knowing your body type or shape will give you a perfect guide on who to copy if you can’t carve out your own style… It will give you a guide on the best colours to wear… The best pattern… The best cut… The best style etc.

Being a fashionista, a stylista and looking good is 100% dependent on knowing your body type or shape.

Its very wrong for you to be for example, “APPLE” shaped and yet you go about dressing like an “HOUR GLASS” shaped woman… You will always look ugly, confused and annoying no matter how trendy you are or how costly the entire ensemble may be.

You have a very big upper body and small lower body, yet you are so in love with body con dresses and the sleeveless ones at that… You just enter into a social gathering looking like Johnny Bravo. Not because you can’t look better but because you are wearing the wrong clothes.

If an outfit flattens you instead of flattering you, then there is a big problem. You should study your body to know what parts to accentuate and the parts to hide.

Chicly, an apple shaped person should not be caught dead on this
Chicly, an apple shaped person should not be caught dead on this

Sometimes, when I go to buy clothes and I keep turning down most, people around may think I am fussy or insatiable or have an annoying taste… But I know what I seek!
I know it goes beyond colours and trend… I know it goes beyond labels and size!
I know my body and I choose clothes based on my body. I know what style suits me most, so when I see the style, I can now ask for the colour I want in that style. Because even if its the best designer label, the most expensive etc, you will still look so unattractive as long as it is wrong for your shape.

I was trying to patronize a friend of mine who sells clothes and I was looking for a particular type of blouse. At some point, she showed me something that can pass for what I requested for… But I quickly said nope! That’s not for me. She asked why? And I told her the stripes are “Horizontal”… This top is best for a girl whose upper body is visibly slimmer, because horizontal stripes makes the body look bigger. She was amazed and asked, how did you know that? I told her I have always been a fan of extensive knowledge and I knew this right from my junior secondary school days.

What are my saying? I am simply saying that knowing your body type or shape will help you know:
1. What type of neck line to go for ie whether its a V neck or a round neck. The round neck isn’t very good for those who are very busty and have a bigger upper body. They are advised to wear the V neck more.

Chicly, please don't wear this if you are pear shaped especially if you are short, you will look swampy.
Chicly, please don’t wear this if you are pear shaped especially if you are short, you will look swampy.

2. What type of stripe is most suited for you. For those who have a heavy upper body, you should wear the vertical stripe tops or blouses if you must do stripe and wear the horizontal skirts.

3. What type of cut is most suited for you. Not every shape flatters a body con skirt, you should go for flared skirts if you are not that shapely. Flared or A line skirts will make you more beautiful and graceful.

Toun, please wear this if you are apple shaped... you are very safe with this.
Toun, please wear this if you are apple shaped… you are very safe with this.

4. What type of sleeve is most suited for you. I often see a lot of women with mighty arms putting on sleeveless tops. Not even a chiffon sleeveless top, a tank top! I just marvel and envy them same time. The reason I envy them is, they look so ugly in such outfits but don’t even know it. A typical example of “ignorance is bliss”.
Please the only person who gets away entirely with sleveless tops is the one with an hour glass shape, the one who is outrightly slim even though she is cylindrical (straight) or pear shaped. But for the apple shaped person (the one with a visibly upper body), biko stay away from sleeveless! Its a big offense for you to wear them. Your clothes must have sleeve no matter how small.

5. What type of pants/ trousers suit you most. A lot of people are so guilty here. Its all about trend. That’s why you will embarrass the public by wearing high waist pants when you look horrible in them. That’s why skinny pants are your favourite. That’s why you think flared pants are not in vogue anymore. If you are apple shaped and must wear skinny pants, you must be very particular about the top/blouse you are pairing with that pant. But the best pant for you is flared, baggy etc. Please stop wearing that tight round neck T-shirt over skinny pants. Its not good at all. Skinny pants are good on women with a good size of butts and hips… The butts and hips must not be extremely big, but are proportional with the body.

6. What type of blouses are best for you. Knowing your body will help you know the best blouse to wear. If you are not curvy, wear maxim tops (tops that are pitched immediately below the bust), wear tops that enable you use belts to accentuate your waist (creating an illusion of a slimmer waist) etc. Having read about the neckline, the type of sleeve etc, you should have a clearer idea by now.

7. What type of colours are best for you. Dark colours like black, navy blue, navy green, coffee brown have a slimming effect on the body. They make you appear slimmer than you really are and do not attract much attention. While the very sharp and bright colours attract. Now the psychology is, do not wear bright colours on that part of your body where you don’t want attention. If your Upper body is large, stick with the dark tops etc.

8. What type of bras that suit you most. Yes this is important because being busty is a component of some body type. While the pear shaped is almost bust less, the apple shaped is always busty. So each body type should go with the right bra.

These are some of the tips that will help you dress better and be the cynosure of all eyes where ever you enter even though you don’t have the hour glass shape.

Basically, there are 4 basic body types, they are:

Hour glass, Mercy Johnson
Hour glass, Mercy Johnson

1. The Hour Glass Shape:
This is the perfect shape. The one Nigerians call “Figure 8″… The thing is, only very few women are blessed with this type of body. If you are one of them, then you are very blessed. You don’t need any effort dressing up except of course your problem is from your village. Some times, people mistake this body type with the pear shape. Nope! They are not same. The hour glass figure has a full upper body that is balanced with the hips too. She has bust, she has a good shoulder, wide hips, full legs, visibly slimmer waist. Example of someone in this category is Mercy Johnson.

Pear Shaped, Omotola Jalade
Pear Shaped, Omotola Jalade

2. The Pear Shape:
This is the body shape where the upper body is visibly smaller than the lower body. Women in this category, often have very small boobs, narrow rounded shoulders, Slim waist, very large hips, most also have slim legs and very few in this category have the full legs. Example of someone in this category is Omotola Jalade.

Cylindrical Shaped, Yvonne Nelson
Cylindrical Shaped, Yvonne Nelson

3. The Cylindrical (straight shape):
Now, many are already visualizing a body so straight and without curves… Nope! You are wrong. A straight shape is not one that lacks curves but one where every part of the woman’s body appears equal. The waist isn’t slim and it isn’t big too, just ideal. The hips are not too wide but curvy in a beautiful way. The legs are long, the boobs are okay but some may be busty as well as bust less. A higher percentage women fall into this category. Example of someone here is Yvonne Nelson.

4. The Apple Shape:
This is the body type where the upper body of the woman is visibly bigger than her lower body. Its often characterized by slim legs, very big bust, big arms, big tommy, small bottom, no hips, big back, shoulders may be broad but not always. Dressing up for this body type is very tasking, so a lot of care must be taken. People with this shape are advised to stay slim as weight gain isn’t good for them at all. Example of someone in this category is Ngozi Ezeonu.

These are the 4 basic body shapes. Its very important that every woman knows her body in order to dress more appropriately and make an impression anywhere she goes.

Remember, being a fashionista or stylista goes beyond trend, colours and labels… Your body shape is the most important.

Next time I will talk about how to know your body shape, the best exercise and diet for you, the diseases associated with each body shape, how your body shape affects your metabolism and lots more.

Enjoy your Friday!

Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



  1. Infact girl uve really opened my eyes to the world of fashion. Keep this good work up girl wish u could advice me on what to always wear. Look at my pics and send me d kind of clothes dat will suit me. Thanks very much!

  2. Infact my day has changed entirely wit a lovely mornin eye opener…..jst wish u would be more clearer on d straight shape type coz am guessin daz wia I fall in. tnks dear keep up d good wrk very proud of u

    • Thanks for your appreciation Jennifer. Next week I will be doing another article on how to know your body shape and lots more. I will suggest you subscribe to the blog. Thanks and have a blessed Saturday dear. Thanks for your encouragement too.

  3. Nice topic dear.i wish I could tell my neighbors that her expensive cloth does not fit her cos she has got d apple sharp nd luv body con like apple lol

    • *smiles* dear Chinwe thanks for appreciating the post. Please find a way to tell her. I hate to see people put in so much effort to look good and still emerge looking so hideous and worse than a drag queen.
      Thanks for your contribution dear. GOD bless you.

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