MARILYN ANONA writes: Do you still want to give up? I bet you don’t! At least not after reminding you that Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Some issues will seem over flogged because it seems like everyone is talking about them. It seems like that is all you hear on daily basis… That may be true! But some issues have to be over flogged because our existence on earth or the life we live revolves around these issues.

Some times, you may feel like there is nothing worth living for. You feel so unlucky. You feel left behind. You look around and it seems like everyone is doing better than you. You feel sad because you think or you know you deserve a lot better. You put in all efforts yet nothing is working, instead where you were yesterday is better than where you are today. You just don’t know what else to do and the most convenient thing to do is to give up.

I totally understand you and its natural to feel this way. Every one of us has passed through one dark stage or the other but the degree differs and it is relative too because what is a dark stage to A may not be a dark stage to B. But we all have that time when we are in despair. We just feel so bad that some may opt to give up. This explains why some people resort to SUICIDE.

But when you decide to give up because of situations or circumstances, does the world HALT for you? When you give up, who is at loss?

If you think that by giving up, your life gets better then you are a joker because the truth of the matter is, some people are actually waiting for you to give up and your giving up will make them happy not because it adds anything to their life but because they don’t love competition, they want to be the one eyed men in the city of the blind… So when people fail, they are happy!

If you have this thought at the back of your mind, then you will never think of giving up. You will not let any hurdle you couldn’t scale through deter you. You will not allow a heartbreak define your life. You will not commit suicide because you were expelled in your final year at the university. You will not give up because you lost your job or you don’t have a job etc.

Having noted this… Read further and you will see more reasons why you should not give up.

1. We should be more realistic and wider in our thinking. We should not always expect the favourable situations. We should not expect life to be like a movie script. But hey come to think of it, there are even sad movies, they are called tragedy. Yes we have tragedy just like we have comedy. So we should always remember that there are 2 sides to every thing in life. That’s why even roses have thorns.

2. We should always remember TIME in what ever we are doing. We all have our time! Being born the same year with your class mates doesn’t mean you are all going to succeed same time, nope! Some make it at 28 and before 45 they are back to square 1. While some made it at 45 and sustained it for life and even after death. We all have our time. My dad’s country home for example was the best in the entire village for some time. But right now, if you are asked to count beautiful houses in my village, it won’t be counted. But he was celebrated at that time. But some of his age mates and people who are even older or younger are celebrated now. We all have our time. So why do you want to give up?

3. I have always warned you against comparison. Most times, comparison isn’t healthy. It makes you depressed when you discover you are less. It brings untold envy and jealousy. It leads you astray, because you start doing just anything to meet up. But let me ask you… When you compare, on what basis do you do that? It means you see yourself as just anyone. You don’t know you are unique that’s why you measure your success based on what Mr A has. Why not just focus on your life… Have an ambition and a goal! That way you are more relaxed and focused.

4. Again, I keep telling you that you are not alone. Nobody’s life is perfect. The ones who you think have it easier may have it worse. The ones who you see enjoying wealth today had a time when they could hardly feed. So stop feeling unlucky. There is a time for tilling the land before you sow your seed and wait for harvest. Now, some people’s lands are harder and therefore more difficult to till… Even when we have all succeeded in sowing, we don’t all have equal harvest not minding that we all planted in same town with same weather conditions and etc.
This can be exactly likened to life itself. Okeke may have a poor harvest this year. While Afolayan has the best! Next year Okeke might have the best. See life that way.

5. Ever heard of the 11th hour? A lot of unexpected turn around happen at the 11th hour and unfortunately most give up before then. It might be the next minute, next month, next year but you got so frustrated with life and couldn’t wait. Please let’s wait a bit.

Do you still want to give up? I bet you don’t! At least not after reminding you that Rome wasn’t built in a day.
See sweetheart, success is hard to sustain if it comes easily.
Many may have written you off, insulted you, rejected you etc so its time for you to prove to them that you are not a failure…

So stand up, clean off those tears and try again.

This is all I have for you today. I hope that these little words of mine have helped someone today.

Please be kind enough and pass this post on. You might be saving a life.

Do have a beautiful Tuesday.

Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



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