MEET Adetoun Ajiboye our “POSH STYLE PERSONALITY” of the week.

I sincerely apologize for not feeding you with one of your favourite features on your favourite blog. I am so sorry, I had a lot to do so I had to take a little break. Please put a smile on your face dear because I am back.
green white green, afterall she is Nigerian

I have a very posh, classy, glamourous young woman to feature today on our “POSH STYLE PERSONALITY” and I urge you all to emulate her totally.

Adetoun Ajiboye is our POSH STYLE PERSONALITY of the week. She is a fashion stylist,fashion designer, fashion consultant and owns a big fashion outlet in Lagos State Nigeria called Toun AJ store… A place where you need to visit anytime you have need to upgrade your wardrobe if you have a great taste in Fashion.
classy and graceful

There is no point writing too much as she has made the job easier with these amazing, classy and totally gorgeous photos of herself.
casual confidence

Her style is really worthy of emulation.

Classy, cool, calm and collected.
Cheers to you Adetoun Ajiboye for being such an inspiration fashion wise to young Nigerian women.
bold and beautiful
Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!
shop at Toun AJ store



    • Thanks Ugochukwu. That is what being a stylista or fashionista is. Great fashion sense goes beyond colours and trend. The 1st thing to consider when dressing up or buying a cloth is your body type. Knowing your body type is all the magic. It would make you know what part to accentuate the most and the part to hide.

      She has a great fashion sense and she dressed to flatter her figure making them more attractive.

      Another woman with a similar body who doesn’t have a great fashion sense and taste may come out looking swampy and flattened.

      Thanks for your contribution Ugo.

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