MARILYN ANONA writes: 12 things to have in mind when you are facing difficulties in life.

Do you know that one of the most beautiful or should I say interesting things about life is that it is difficult sometimes.

Yes! It sounds strange, but that’s true. Difficulties in life are truly beautiful because they help us build strengths and discover part of us we never knew existed. This strength and discovery of our true self, makes it able or possible for us to live and fulfill our purpose in life. It is because life is difficult that we are able to achieve greatness.

So don’t ever wish life was easier or pray for life to be easier… Great men were born out of difficult and challenging situations and no great man had it easy. So if you want an easy life, it means you have decided not to be great.

In life especially when you are trying to grow, build up or discover yourself, things must go wrong before they eventually get right. You will constantly find your self confused, unsure, scared but all that is normal and are stages of growth. Sometimes I call it evolution. Yes, because for most people to fully discover who they are, they have to evolve.

So do not allow a few set backs deter you or make you resort to something less than what you should be.

Today, there are a few things I want you to keep in mind each time you experience any form of difficulty that may want to make you give up.

1. Always remember that, the difficult situation you find yourself in at that moment is a step necessary for you to grow, develp strength and discover who you truly are. You need to pass through this route to get to where you will be tomorrow. That is why we talk of experiences. So let this thought alone motivate you to go on.

2. When ever you are experiencing hardship or passing through a difficult situation, remember that things can change sooner than you think. It could be the next minute, so why give up? Things must change no matter how good or bad. It only takes time. So press on!

3. When you experience difficulties and desire change, you must take responsibility. Most of us want freedom, happiness, success etc but we do nothing about what we want. We take no actions to show that this is where we are heading to and not minding that today seems so ugly and dark, we will get to a brighter place tomorrow because of our actions today. Many people are afraid of responsibility and prefer to blame people for what they are going through. “My uncle is wicked, he doesn’t want to help me”; my dear, this mindset will keep you stagnant for long. When you blame others for the difficulties you encounter, it means you are irresponsible. Stand up! Face this difficulty and discover that great man inside of you.

4. Be mindful of how you act during difficult times. Be mindful of your thoughts too. You can’t want things to improve and be so pessimistic. You can’t say, things will get better yet negative thoughts fill your head. You can’t live a positive life with negative thoughts and acts controlling you. Our thoughts are the most powerful because they control and influence our actions. So be mindful. Be optimistic in all situations.

5. At this point where it seems like there is a huge mountain before you that looks too big and slippery to climb, you don’t need any distraction. You should concentrate on you and how to climb that mountain. The last thing you need is negative people around you. Even when they find you somehow to pass their negative words on, don’t allow it get to you. During this phase, expect negative folks because they will surely come but don’t allow their actions or words get to you.

6. When this difficult situation comes, do not allow it to define who you are. It shouldn’t break you… Its only a temporary situation and must pass. Don’t allow it take away who you are.

7. During a difficult time, you should know that when you fail and learn from that failure, it means you are one step ahead. So let that keep you going dear.

8. When faced with a difficult situation, you should know that you are not alone and not resort to self pity and thinking you are unlucky or cursed and that is the reason you are faced with such challenge. Everyone in life have their own problem. We all have our cross and you will never know what cross we are carrying until you are told. Don’t be carried away by facade. So don’t ever compare yourself to another. We should only strive to be better than we were last year, last month or yesterday. Comparing yourself to another is meaningless. On what grounds are you doing that comparison?

9. It is very important you let people in on those dark days. Yes, you need people around but the right ones though. Its not as though they will remove that mountain for you. They may not be able to light up your life. But when they enter the dark where you are, they open a door and a little light come in. That little light may be in the little conversation you had with them. It may be in their cheerful mood or whatever… Solution comes somehow! No man is an island… These days, islands are not that isolated even.

10. When you are in a very difficult situation, being grateful does a lot of good to your state of mind. Gratitude makes you see beauty in everything. When you have everything and not grateful about them, you will never be happy too. A heart of gratitude finds peace. There is always something to be thankful for. I asked sometime ago in my post, “what if the only things you will have today are the things you were grateful for yesterday, how much will you have?”. Gratitude is a tool. It keeps you positive at all times.

11. You should also know that passing through this difficult time will make you appreciate success when it comes. It will make you more sensitive to people”ks plight and suffering. It will make you appreciate life and effort. It makes you enjoy your life when the storm is over. It gives you a story.

12. When you are passing through a very difficult time, you should remember that nothing good comes easy and that thought should keep you going. Keep doing all you need to do. Be diligent, persist, be patient and don’t give up. Always strive to improve in your effort. Set a time table and goals. It won’t be easy to do all these in the face of a very difficult situation but in the end you will smile heartily and be glad you did.

These are some of the things to keep in mind and also do when you are experiencing difficulties in life.

Remember, what makes you are not what you have done, they are what you overcame. The difficulties are the path to greatness but greatness can only be achieved if you don’t let the difficulty break you.

Life is risky. From the moment you were born its all about risks. So I urge you to take risks and you must if you must succeed. Risks in the positive direction. The only risk you should never take is, not doing anything at all.

So dear, stand up and go out there. Do something no matter how small it is. Just make something happen. Strive for progress!!!

Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



  1. Its a nice article you got here ma’am,very encouraging,inspiring,& informative…..for a truth we all need to keep going in life as long as we’re on a positive move…no giving up,all obstacles are surmountable,like a miracle,no mountain is too high to climb to the top or even cross over,so don’t give up,there’s a light at the end of the tunnel,like a light shining in a dark place,lets keep searching patiently,we will find it…..Thanks Posh,as you keep up the good work!

  2. “Remember, what makes you are not what you have done, they are what you overcame. The difficulties are the path to greatness but greatness can only be achieved if you don’t let the difficulty break you”. I respect what you have upstairs.

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