MARILYN ANONA writes: They are the deadliest form of distraction and you don’t even know when its happening.

Fashion, music, internet, movies, social media, the bed, electricity… Which of these is most guilty? I wonder, and I keep wondering… Can anyone of you please help me out?

Oh! I almost forgot, I was just pondering and didn’t remember to ask the question before demanding for answers.

My question is, what is most guilty or responsible for the lack of focus or tenacity amongst youths or young adults?

Or what is it that takes most of the time we are supposed to use in doing something meaningful?

One thing I know is, no knowledge is entirely a waste but I also know that too much of anything is bad. Its bad because every aspect of one’s life should be balanced, so when you spend time (almost all your time) on just one thing, it means something is suffering.

Its not a bad thing to love the internet or to use the internet but the question is, what are you using this internet for?
Most youths aged between 16 to 35 years old are always on the internet. A higher percentage are always on the social media. Its either facebook, blackberry messenger, instagram, twitter, skype, viber, watsapp etc.
My question is, what do you spend time on this social media doing?
Facebook can be a great positive use to someone who is smart. How is this possible?
Facebook can help you develop your communication skills. Facebook can help you develop your writing skills. Facebook can help you learn more on how to deal with a lot of people (strangers). Facebook can educate you. Facebook can help you advertise. Facebook can help you reconnect and so on and so forth. And the same goes for some of the other social media but when you are always on facebook just to gossip and follow rubbish trends… What does the social media do for you?
Do you know that as alarming as it may sound, most young people who use smart phones even Iphone 5s do not know how to fully utilize the phone. They don’t know what else to use the phone for except snap photos and chat. Imagine a 28 year old lady not being able to book flight online with her Iphone. Not being able to use google etc. Its funny.
What does your phone do for you? What do you use your phone for?
Two young people may be in a room, both pressing their phones but while one is busy checking for job vacancies or reading a book online, the other is busy looking at pictures on instagram or engaging in idle gossip. Did you see the difference?
I hope you are not getting it twisted? Like I said, every part should be balanced so that the other doesn’t suffer.

Fashion! Fashion!! Fashion!!! Most of us love fashion. We love to look good and follow trend. Looking good is good business and all that, yes we know! But when fashion becomes an addiction it is a problem.
You are addicted to fashion if any one Naira that enters into your hand goes to a boutique. You don’t think of what else you can use money to do other buying clothes or shoes or costumes. You must look like a celebrity yet you don’t work like a celebrity. You concentrate too much on your physical appearance instead of building up your brain to enhance your mental ability. You wear an outfit of 100,000 Naira to a job interview and when asked the capital of Anambra, you say Enugu instead of Awka.
In this case fashion has made you forget your life. It has made you lose focus on your ambition. Its a distraction to you.

The bed, sounds funny right? Yes! Sometimes, disastrous things sound funny. The bed is a major source of distraction to most young people. They just love to sleep. 8am, a young able bodied man or woman is still lying down in bed. 9am, 10am still lying down and trying to cover the blinds very well so that the room remains dark.
Yet they are the same people that will complain about unemployment. You make no effort to get a job, you lie in bed 20 hours in a day. When you are awake, you eat, poop and chat. What a life! This has gone beyond losing focus or being distracted.
The bed, do not let your bed be a curse to you.
If you are normal, you won’t be happy lying on that bed when others, people your age are out toiling to make ends meet.

Up NEPA! wow Ifeoma, I am not sure I want to go out again o… They just brought the light. Let’s just submit the CV (curriculum vitae) tomorrow. I want to finish that movie or I want to watch Kim Kardashian she is on TV…
This is the case of electricity being a distraction to someone. Once they have planned to go out to achieve something meaningful, they quickly dismiss it the minute power is restored. They get too comfortable again and postpone what they wanted to do.
This very case is pathetic! I wonder how this person’s issue will be tackled because according to the Federal Government of Nigeria, from October 2014 there will be steady power supply.
So for someone with this problem, self discipline is what you need.

These are some of the things that distract an average youth. Someone may look at them as nothing and see them as funny. But they are the deadliest form of distraction and you don’t even know when its happening.

Let’s become more serious and sensitive. We should be fully aware of what we are doing at any point in time. We should calculate how much time we invest in all the things we do so that we will know when we have spent too much time doing something.




  1. My dear you said it all. Now I know how to use my time this new week. Thanks for remainding me how I have been wasting my time unknownly.

  2. Nice writeup! We need more of such topics that we see as not important but in reality, these are the things killing us. God bless u dear.

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