MARILYN ANONA writes: Why should Nigerian graduates who studied abroad be given PREFERANTIAL TREATMENT during NYSC posting?

NYSC members
NYSC members

Oh, that’s true! You will soon be doing your National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme… So where will you love to serve? And what if you are posted to some place you do not like?

Oh dear, there is absolutely no way I will be posted to somewhere I don’t like, have you forgotten I am an international student? I must be posted in Abuja or at worst Lagos except of course I choose anywhere else.

And then I remembered, that’s true. Those Nigerians who studied abroad are given preferential treatment when it comes to NYSC posting. They are mostly posted to the Federal Capital Territory (Abuja) or allowed to make their choice.

But why is this so? Why should someone who left his or her country to school somewhere else be pampered while the ones who stayed at home to get their education are not cared about.

Anything foreign in Nigeria is often regarded as superior and the home made inferior. What exactly is the cause of this mentality or pattern of thought?

It doesn’t matter if its Ghana or Benin Republic or even Haiti, once its not Nigeria, its Superior.

In my thinking, a Nigerian who stayed at home to get his or her University Education deserves to be treated better than the one who ran away to a foreign place to acquire his or her university education.

But what exactly is the reason for this sort of preferential treatment? What is the message they are trying to pass across? What is the point exactly?

Does it mean that once you study abroad (even west African countries are abroad), you are automatically better?

Most of these people who ran away to study especially in Europe or America, believe that Nigeria is not good….
Most who went to the nearby west African countries, couldn’t pass JAMB and because admission is easier in Ghana and Benin Republic and their parents could afford to pay the bills, they left Nigeria to school there… Some claim its the strike action. Whatever the reason is, they left the country to school.

Now, when they return for the NYSC programme, we treat them like 1st class citizens by posting them to Abuja or allowing them make their choice. When the reverse should be the case!

The Nigerian graduate who went through the number of strikes, the tight admission process and so many other things is now regarded as the 2nd class citizen.

I do not know what or who brought up this idea of the preferential treatment given to the “international students”. But I am confused, and I need someone to explain it to me.

Why should Nigerian graduates who studied abroad be given PREFERANTIAL TREATMENT during NYSC posting?

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  1. My dear that is it o, that is Nigeria for u, praising those that even schooled in Benin republic, Malaysia and Ghana, dose universities are they beta than ours here in Nigeria? Smh,nice piece dear

  2. My dear, I don’t know what to say because am as confused as you are. Sometimes in there mind they believe Nigeria has a lot to offer when they become international student

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