MARILYN ANONA writes: Why Sugar?

Its another Friday… A time most Nigerians look forward too hence the “TGIF” slang. Its marks the start of the weekend when those who have worked hard all through the week usually get to rest (most times they don’t rest though). The funny thing is, even those who do nothing also look forward to Fridays, because in Nigeria its a special day for “hanging out”. Lounges, Clubs, Cinemas, Game centres, Beer Parlours are usually crowded and the people who run them get high patronage on Fridays. Most people who run such businesses that I have talked to also look forward to Fridays and maybe Saturdays. As you all are in your various offices looking at the clock every now and then just so it gets to 3pm or 4pm when you can leave to go and enjoy yourselves… I want to quickly talk to you about something you should think about getting rid of. And I am talking to you about it today because I usually hear people say, “I am taking beer because its healthier and contains less Sugar”… Please that’s not true! Sugar is a poison… A slow poison and that’s what I am talking about today. This poison has been linked and many times
fingered as responsible for killing the body
really slowly and causes many types of
diseases in the body.

I am talking about diseases such as…

1. Diabetes
2. Heart Disease
3. low sexual energy
4. Teeth Decay
5. Cancer
6. Weight gain (most importantly)

In fact, you add this poison in your food
daily. Even when you don’t, it manages to
get into your daily diet without your
knowledge. When you consume a lot of sugar, it breaks
down into glucose and fructose in your body
which overloads your liver forcing it to
turn fructose into fat.

When you eat a lot of sugar, it can cause
your body to be resistant to insulin which
can progress into type 2 diabetes.

People with Diabetes usually have Ants
around the toilet bowl if urine isn’t
flushed away.

Not only that, sugar has dopamine effect,
which means, it is highly addictive.

If you struggle to walk past a sugary treat
or you feel like you cannot go a day without
drinking soft drink or eating sweet things,
then you are addicted to sugar.

When you are addicted and consume lots of
sugar in your diet like this, the sugar gets
broken down and become stored as fat in your

This is when you experience a lot of weight
gain and “big” belly.

This means, if you are fat, you need to
watch the “sugar” in the food you eat.

Now, let me ask…

Do you add sugar to everything you eat? Yam,
Garri, Beans, custard, Pap etc.

Or just maybe you always eat some meals that
are loaded with sugar such as Ice-cream,
flour foods such as chin chin and meat pie,
sweat bread, chocolate bars, sweet wine and
soft drinks and alcohol.

If you do, then you need to reduce your
consumption drastically or stop it totally.

Stop adding sugar to everything you eat.
Many of the Nigerian food we eat can be
consumed without adding sugar to it. This is
what you SHOULD aim for.

If you ABSOLUTELY have to sweeten your food,
you can use pure Honey as an alternative.

Honey contains sugar too, but it’s slightly
healthier than granulated sugar, and you
should endeavor to use very little of it
only when absolutely needed in moderation.

I hope you have learnt something today, and
will beware of this “slow sweet poison”.



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