MARILYN ANONA writes: Is it right to end your marriage because your spouse is ill

I am yet to understand what most people think when they agree to marry someone or when they clamour to enter the institution of marriage. Marriage means a lot. A lot more than what most people take it to be. But unfortunately, most take it to be a business of convenience, so they quickly run out when the rose gets faded! If not, please explain why a wife or a husband will abandon their spouse just because he or she took ill. What happened to the marital vow? I recently heard about a Nigerian actress who ended her young marriage because her husband has brain tumour. I do not know what transpired between them but then that was the story. My simple question today is, is it right to end your marriage because your spouse is ill and is it also right to treat them like shit because they have a medical condition? Please your contribution is needed. Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



  1. Marriage is for better or worse, in sickness or in health. So not taking care of your spouse in sickness means breaking d vows taken in d presence of God. Therefore a grave sin to God and insensitivity and meanness to the spouse.

  2. Hi posh no one prays to abandon their husband in any state of illness but some guys never tell their wife the truth.
    U can imagine me being wit a man for 7 yrs and childless too. We have been to different hospital and d guy goes to my back telling d doctor to tell me it is low sperm count instead of azospermia. On the 7th year i did 7 days dry fasting just water ànd then decided to clean my house and i saw all the lab report hidden in my ex husband old portfolio.
    I wept so much , i would have stayed wit him if he had told me the truth but becos of the way the sisters humialiated me becos he is d only son telling me to stop school and bear them a child.
    Its a lot but i have to stop here.
    Pls guys learn to tell ur wife the truth u guys have a bond.

    • Well said and from someone who experienced it too. Why should someone tell lies over something so grave and important. Why should someone allow someone be blamed for their own fault. Hiding a lie test result from your spouse? Na wah o! The doctor too should be brought to book. Thanks Uju. Please let’s all endeavour to be truthful in our relationships especially marriage. You two are one now and you must also know that a house built on a faulty foundation cannot stand the test of time. Have a beautiful day Uju.

  3. Its wrong, humanity-wise. Nobody typically deserves to be sick or lonely. Being both at the same time would even kill anybody faster. If ppl took those wedding vows made before God more seriously, such incidences wouldn’t occur

  4. My own case was, during my late husband illness, his siblings took him away from me. I never knew were he was. Their reason was I’m d reason for his sickness. Plz does anyone pray for illness? He was away from me for 6months before he finally died in their hands. The stress and humiliation was so much on me. I was left with my a year and seven month daughter. I had no option than to go back to my parent house. So in this case, will u say I left him?

  5. I believe marriage is an institution of love,companionship and transperancy till death to avoid such incident not to occur we should at all time be truthful to our spouse irrespective of how hard the truth might be. Together u can pull through.

  6. Marriage is a lifetime relationship. ‘Till death do us part’ should be till death do us part. So one shouldnt leave his/her spouse just because they are sick unless in some cases where the circumstance(s) is just beyond their control; Marriage is a complex thing especially in Africa and particularly in Nigeria, where one not only ‘marry’ his/her partner but other members of the family who meddle in their affairs

  7. one should not abandon their spouse just because he or she took ill , it is wrong because marriage vow said for better for worst in sickness and in good health still death apart them . During this trial time the spouse need each other for your prayer, caring, love, and consolation . he or she no longer work, stays home and does some household chores. he or she treats your spouse like a slave . You have to bear it that is the cross you have to carry in your union.

  8. I can’t leave marriage bcos of sickness nor treat my hubby less of a man, it can be so frustrating buh with God things will work out fine.

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