Every one of us was born with a gift. So today, I want to take time to outline the possible steps that will help you discover your talents. Its in a bid to motivate you and make you realize that in a society where unemployment and underemployment are major issues, there is still something you can do for yourself.

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Talents? Hmmmm! The truth of the matter is, most people live all their lives not even knowing they have a talent or even discovering what their talent is. Thereby living a life that doesn’t fulfill their purpose of creation and existence. Talents are different from skills, in that they tend to be innate rather than learned. Once found, they can be nurtured and developed, but finding them can be tricky. It’s partly a process of self-observation and honesty. The rest is learning and practice. Studying a course and having a degree from a university is very good but I tell you, TALENT if discovered, nutured and practised not only give us fulfillment, but can take us to places beyond our dreams. Talents make us. Anybody can go to the university get a degree and still be as confused and unfulfilled as ever.

If not for Talent, people like…

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  1. A beautiful piece! “Anybody can go to the university get a degree and still be as confused and unfulfilled as ever.” #veryTrue, that’s how ppl wallow in joblessness once they are denied employment. I know of a man that stopped working at the age of 40, simply bcos he was sacked by a bank. If he had discovered his purpose b4 then, he would ve had sth else to do. SELF DISCOVERY really goes a long long way!

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