MARILYN ANONA writes: We are not angry with our leaders but we are angry with Obama and calling him names.


Ebola in the country… The number keeps increasing! It seems its too difficult for us to control. And we keep hearing scary stories. Stories like the immediate family of the nurse who treated the Liberian man Mr Sawyer fleeing from health workers to avoid being tested. Stories of a patient tested positive for Ebola at NNPC Clinic. Stories of the number of those under surveillance as much as 138 and then the after effects of excessive consumption of salt due to the destructive rumour that went round the country yesterday. Now, its clear that we really need help and most scary is that we can’t help ourselves, my question is why?

Everyone is now calling Obama Obama Obama!!! So it means we are really helpless. What a shame! Nigeria. No proper Lab, equipments nothing. No one to even start research yet we have so many professors in Medicine, Biochemistry and Microbiology. OK let’s imagine America refuses to bring out the “EXPERIMENTAL” drug, does it mean Nigeria will go EXTINCT? What a shame! See what greed and corruption does to a country. No sector is working! Nothing! While we should be developing the nation, we are looting and buying houses all over the world. Now we are so handicapped when we should not be. You want to protest on the street for what is not yours. Does a begger take by force? Does America owe Nigeria? How many times have you all come out to protest inadequate and insufficient social and health amenities, unemployment, inadequate power supply, corruption etc now you are planning a protest to make America bring out their experimental drug by force. Why should we even be this clueless? We are not angry with our leaders but we are angry with Obama and calling him names.

A friend said I should not worry that GOD will help us… That maybe HE has sent help already. Now, no person should get me wrong! I am a stronger believer of GOD and a practicing Christian but we should also be able to think. GOD doesn’t send vaccine from HEAVEN… The days of manna falling from HEAVEN are over. That’s why he gave us natural resources and enough Human resources too to help ourselves. wait a second! are you sure GOD’s wrath is not even on us? we have the highest number of churches in this world yet we are the most wicked. everyone is so individualistic and thinks of self alone forgetting that its stupidity. If we channel our resources to the growth and increase of the society, we won’t be in these shoes now. Nigeria is not supposed to be handicapped! CORRUPTION made us handicap.

I pray AMERICA helps us by sending us this drug. But its time we all sit up. Its time our leaders become responsible and start taking care of the people under them. Most of the people who are busy raining abuses on Obama are the ones who help to spoil the society by collecting bribes and all. Its time to wake up! Many things have happened to us in this country. Are we still sleeping? You all enjoy your Saturday and please be vigilant.

Be Enlightened! Be Inspired!! Be Motivated!!!



  1. ℓ̊ firmly support obama for №† giving us †нε zmapp vaccine. Our leaders shld collective come together Äπϑ find a way out of dis mess becus if it isn’t contained dey wud soon join †нε statistics. Ȋ̝̊̅†̥’s sad †нα† a country like *NG* with Ȋ̝̊̅†̥’s huge natural Äπϑ human resources finds Ȋ̝̊̅†̥’s sef in dis situation. corruption has robbed us of our dignity.

    • Thanks so much dear. Ikenga your contribution is on point. What if America helps now and tomorrow another terrible stuff evolves nko? Still same America? We need to wake up! Do have a beautiful Saturday dear.

  2. We are really sleeping! We have doctors,nurses,pharmacists,etc they have not been able to go to the laboratory.this is appalling,I want to be a doctor,my father wants me to be a pharmacists is all you hear in name ,how about practical?Obama and our leaders have nothing to do with this.its all our people that might be infe are running from health officials,this simply mean they are heartless,wicked ,stupid etc.all hands must be on deck because its not just national but international .In God we trust

  3. Failure of governments responsility towards the health sector, everybody is busy eaten oil money n forgeting other sectors that need urgent attention, having said all of those, I will fault Obama on humanitarian grounds otherwise I blame our leaders to the lax in health care delivery…

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